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The Dangling Carrot Of “Possible Reduction In Troop Levels”

September 3, 2007

During my daily scan of memeorandum, I stumbled upon a headline that looked pretty familiar: Bush, in Iraq, Sees Possible Reduction in Troop Levels

AL ASAD AIR BASE, Iraq, Sept. 3 — Making a surprise visit to Iraq for meetings with his commanders and top Iraqi officials, President Bush raised the possibility on Monday that some American troops could be withdrawn from Iraq if security there continues to improve.

As it turns out, I was right: Rumsfeld gives plan for troop reduction

AL ASAD AIR BASE, Iraq – The United States may be able to reduce its troop level in Iraq after the January election if security is strengthened and Iraqi government forces continue to expand and improve, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said yesterday during an unannounced whirlwind tour of Iraq.

That was October 11, 2004.

Another one: Rumsfeld Announces Force Reduction Plans While Visiting GIs In Iraq

That was December 23, 2005.

And, gee whiz: Rice, Rumsfeld Visit Baghdad Amid Hints of Troop Cut

Earlier in the day, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq said his intention to recommend a significant reduction in U.S. troop levels in the country later this year is basically on track, in part thanks to the selection of the country’s future seven top leaders on Saturday. But General George Casey said he wants to see a few more steps toward stability before he makes his recommendation.

That was April 26, 2006.

And, of course, the reality: US troop levels in Iraq reach all-time high

Whitman put the current number of US troops in Iraq at nearly 162,000.

As reported August 7, 2007.