ChenZhen’s Fantasy Football Roster

September 4, 2007

Since I didn’t really feel like blogging about Larry Craig again, I decided that tonight’s entry will be a little more on the lighter side.  I’ve been in this fantasy football league for years.  It started out as a league formed by a group of coworkers.  We’ve been at it long enough that none of us are actually coworkers anymore, so it serves as a way to keep in touch with some old pals too.  It’s a partial “keeper” league (we keep our best 4 and draft the rest).  Here’s the breakdown:

8 Fists Of Wu-Tang
J Cutler
D Brees
B Jackson
T Jones
C Benson
J Jones
M Muhammad
M Clayton
A Johnson
J Galloway
R Williams
B Watson
N Rackers
D Eagles
Here’s the team logo for 8 Fists of Wu Tang:


I’ll just use this thread to post updates, if anyone actually cares.  It should be an interesting season.

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