A Great Debate In New Hampshire

September 6, 2007

I’ll have to give kudos to Fox and the GOP candidates tonight.  This debate was the best I’ve seen yet.  The previous engagements on both sides were more like talking point exchanges that an actual debate.  For a moment this evening, I’ll admit that I got goosebumps while watching Paul and Huckabee going back and forth.  We definately need more of this in the future.  Even if I disagree with the positions being taken here, it was refreshing to see the passion and poise coming from these candidates.  The Dems should take note.

(h/t Hot Air)



  1. I’ll admit I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the amount of time Fox gave to Ron Paul, especially compared to how little time CNN has given to Kucinich and Gravel. But the constant background giggler was absolutely inappropriate, was he not?

  2. I didn’t hear the giggle the first time it aired. Then I watched it again at home and noticed it, so I’m not sure if it made that big of an impression. But you’re right.

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