FearBush.com Is Down (again), And An Idea

September 11, 2007

It has come to my attention that one of my favorite sites, FearBush.com, is offline.  I admit that I haven’t been posting there as much as I used to because I’ve spent the majority of my online time working in the realm of the blogosphere. Also, because of my new job, I seem to have less time for this kind of thing in general.

I’ve sent out an email to a dozen FB regulars that I had in my address book to see if they are interested in using my blog as a hangout during the downtime.  If this situation is permanent, I’ve considered the idea of turning the Chamber into a “group” blog (a blog that has several authors).  Group blogs are quite popular, actually.  Most ordinary people have regular jobs, after all, and it’s tough to find the time to run a blog all by yourself and expect the site to be entertaining enough to keep regular readers and commentors.  And let’s face it, there are literally millions of blogs out there, so many of the people that post comments here are “drive bys”.

Most group blogs that are political in nature feature authors who are like-minded individuals and focused on a specific theme (for example, an anti-Hillary blog, or a pro-Brownback blog, or pro-life, etc.).  I’ve long considered something different, however.  My idea would be to open up my blog to authors (who I trust) that are unlike-minded.  The ideal would be a blog that features posts from a diverse range of viewpoints, and topics are debated in the comments sections in a relatively civil manner.  Incidentally, this is sort of the reason that I started the WordPress Political Blogger Alliance and why my blogroll features blogs from all over the political spectrum.  In fact, the reason why I named the blog the “Chamber” was because I had hoped that there would be a certain amount of honorable battling going on here.

I have already granted authorship to several individuals a few months back, but I thought I’d try to expand on it a bit.  I think it would be fun, for example, to feature an author who as a regular on LGF, and another that is a regular on Kos (two blogs that consistently go at each other).  Perhaps I’d feature an author who is part of the 9/11 truth movement, another who is a conservative Christian, another who is Muslim.  I could have someone from Canada, and another from Europe.  The idea would be to make the blog a kind of playground of ideas. 

There are, of course, many political message boards out there that feature an open exchange of ideas.  For blogs, however, I think this sort of diverse group dynamic would be fairly unique.  And blogs have an advantage over message boards, in that they are tapped into the arena of political discourse in the blogosphere. 

Anyway, I thought it would be a cool idea, and since I’ve met many diverse netizens in my travels thus far, I already have a mental list of a few people who I’d like to have on.  I would try to keep the number of authors fairly limited, while having enough to make sure that the site maintained a certain amount of balance.  I think it would result in a pretty entertaining site, and at the same time it might -in some small way- bridge some of the divisions and increase understanding while promoting intellectual honesty and attacking ‘group think’. 



  1. That’s a good idea…but the question is: can you trust people to be respectful of others’ columns? I don’t want to be a part of any blogs/sites where posters are consistently flamed/disrespected. We should be able to exchange ideas and opinions respectfully.

  2. Well, I can’t stop “drive bys” from posting something disrespectful in the comments (although I could delete those comments, but as a general rule, I don’t). The blogosphere is a bit of a jungle, but for the most part, I’d say that it’s better (flame-wise) than the petty bickering that went on over at FB. I guess I wouldn’t know for sure unless I tried it.

    BTW- This really wouldn’t be a major committment. If we had a handful of people posting just one thread per week we’d have a pretty entertaining site.

  3. Good idea. I for one think that FB ain’t coming back this time as even the main page is offline too.

  4. spawn, sliquid, abaris, felicia and thunderdawg already have accounts set up. All they need to do is login to wordpress (“enter the chamber” in the sidebar). It would be cool if you chose an avatar, too.

    The rest of you will need to set up a WP account and choose a username (no need to start a new blog if you don’t want to). Then, send me an email with the username info as well as the email you used to set up the account and I can add you to the list.

    We’ll see how it goes. No big thing. If it gets too rowdy I might have to make some changes, but I’m willing to give it a try.

  5. I’m in, let me know what I need to do

  6. Good idea, I want to try!

  7. Sounds good bro!


  8. […] I stated in the other thread, I have a few people on the short list already, but if you are interested in becoming an author […]

  9. Hiya kids, went to check in after months away and had to do a little searching and found you refugees here. Thoguht I’d check in to see how things are going.

  10. Hey preach.

  11. Hey, refugee-type people. I’d be up for this, if you’ll have me.

  12. Hey Ranma. Check here.

  13. Yowsa!


    I spent to little time on fearbush, all my time is spent on politicalcrossfire.com

  14. Hey kids! How goes the war? Any updates or new forums?

  15. Yeesh. Get ready to do this, and then life happens. Anyway, I thought I’d point out that fearbush.com itself is back up. The forums are still down, but all the other links off the main page seem to be functional. But the blog hasn’t been updated at all, so I don’t know what’s going on.


  16. Rather, rather

    P.S. Please review icons

  17. FearBush Reunion:

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