Petraeus’ Testimony: The Word That’s Curiously Absent

September 14, 2007

Today I was perusing one of Hugh Hewitt’s favorite sites and I noticed a neat little button in the sidebar:

Sign the Stand By The Mission Petition!

The website, of course, is Victory Caucus (Hewitt is on the “Board of Governors”).  And if you’re wondering what the Victory Caucus is all about, well, that’s simple.  It’s VICTORY, stupid!  Don’t believe me?  From VC’s “about” page, under “Our Beliefs”:

We support victory in the war against radical Islamists. We supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and we believe victory is necessary in both countries for America’s self-defense.


We support leaders who support victory.

What I found peculiar is that the much-anticipated testimony that General Petraeus delivered to Congress this week made no mention of “victory”. Go ahead, scan all 9 pages. The word ain’t there.  Perhaps the General doesn’t think of the Iraq conflict in those terms?

What is equally interesting is that when Republican Senator John Warner asked Petraeus if the Iraq war was “making America safer”, the General responded “Sir, I don’t know, actually“.



  1. Jon Stewart recently took a swipe at Petraeus and all the hullaballoo around his report. Pretty funny at parts..

  2. I really don’t have anything against Petraeus. It’s the politicization of him and the troops in general that is getting old.

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