Please…No More OJ

September 19, 2007

I just turned on Fox and CNN* to discover the press conference with Simpson’s attorney taking place (LIVE!).  Other than the fact that I was a little curious who the toothless moron with the “OJ 07” shirt standing next to him was, I’m dismayed that this is getting so much attention.  Not surprised, just dismayed.  I’m afraid that this will be our national distraction for the next year or so.

And as further evidence of our screwed up priorities, check out this headline:  Most Voters Say Election 2008 is Annoying and a Waste of Time

Oh well…

*So far it looks like Fox is a little more obsessed with this than CNN, for what it’s worth.


  1. I tried watching TV news an hour ago just to see if they were talking about anything but OJ. Fox News, CNN, CNN Headline News, and MSNBC had wall to wall OJ coverage. Bloomberg TV was free of it, and I assume CNBC as well for the most part.

    I thought that link you provided about voters being annoyed by the election was the title to an Onion article. I should be shocked but I’m not. After all, football is the national religion and more people are interested in voting on American Idol than anything else.

  2. The OJ story is funny as hell. I wish they would talk more about it in the Australian media. Quite frankly I sympathize with voters who think the election is an annoying waste of time. One look at the field of candidates from both parties, rationalises their point of view.

  3. FOX Noise doesn’t surprise me but, CNN?

    I’m surprised they have any room for OJ. Their main focus is commercials — lots and lots of commercials.

    I tore a muscle in my back and was on the couch for R&R for a week. I watched TV all day and every time I landed on CNN, they were on a commercial even when the others were broadcasting.

  4. Turns out that “toothless moron” I was referring to is a comedian that does this sort of thing quite often.

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