Flame Warrior Profile: Cognito

September 21, 2007

I’ve read enough threads on LGF to notice that when the lizards direct some criticism at the “MSM”, you can pretty much take it to the bank that one member in particular will show up and vigorously debate the matter…


I’ve seen this netizen engage in quite a few marathon debates over this kind of thing, but what I witnessed this evening deserves special recognition.  The battle began at 6PM PDT, and Cognito managed to rattle off 37 posts (and counting) in less than 2 hours in an impressive display of lizard swarm management.   I’m not really sure who won, but the display of endurance alone is worth a thread.

Here’s where it all began. 


  1. Chen,

    The “Hive” swarms when you dare to say anything less than glowing about Hillary Clinton, too.

    Hillary’s Harpies, as I call them, rise up in angry defense of their Queen and work at lightening speed to defend her against any and all attacks on her policy positions.

    The silliest I’ve seen is when they try to equate criticism of Hillary Clinton with sexism or anti-feminism.

    So much for rigorous and healthy debate.

  2. Yea, I think you can find the ‘hive’ on many different sites and encompassing many different topics and issues (not necessarily political ones either).

    It used to be a lot worse on LGF, actually. It would get downright nasty. Many of the most vicious members have since been banned, so it’s a bit more manageable now.

    BTW- Hillary’s Harpies?

  3. I’m still confused as to why you give these “people” any attention.

    They’re insane.

  4. I recently have seen the documentary outfoxed for the very first time. Had I seen it earlier, I would have known more about some former FB righty regulars and where they were taking their wisdom from. It certainly seems, that certain types don’t take their own brains when it comes to disputing things. They just take their premade tidbits and terminologies from their favorite propaganda outlet.

  5. I’m still confused as to why you give these “people” any attention.

    They’re insane.

    There are looney tunes on all sides, ya know.

    Anyway, I guess I’d have to say that I’m very open minded and thick-skinned. That, and I like having my ideas challenged.

  6. “There are looney tunes on all sides, ya know.”

    Of course there are. (Is that an example of “Open Mindedness?”)

    My point is, and I’m sure you know this as well, the conversations never go anywhere.

    The last “debate” in which I engaged with a Wingnut involved the “Death Tax” (Estate Tax). He was preaching about how it destroys the “Small farmer,” and blah blah blah, all the common talking points we all know so well.

    I provided a link for him (A government link), which clearly demonstrated he was full of crap. Out of 2 million farms less than 1200 qualify for the “Death Tax.” And out of that 1200 maybe 700 will actually have to pay Estate Taxes because of Loopholes in the law. (I even pointed out a personal example involving my grandfather’s estate where my family avoided paying Estate Tax through one of said loopholes).

    His response?

    “It’s clear you’re a Communist.”


    I never once mentioned Communism (Either with a big “C” or a little “c”), and I told him I own several businesses. But I’m a “Commie.” Obviously.

    I have no problem with people challenging my ideas, but in my experience that rarely happens. What generally happens is their logic quickly breaks down, and they become irrational and/or illogical.

    It reminds me of debating my 3 year old daughter.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion. Whether you agree or not matters little. I was simply offering my opinion, as I see many on the Left wasting time in fruitless arguments.

    I’d rather just make fun of them, and get on with my day. I’m not converting anyone, and they’re sure as hell not converting me.

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