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Limbaugh Whines: They’re Quoting My Words! It’s a Smear Campaign!

September 28, 2007

“Smear,” in this case, being defined as having his own words quoted and reported.*

The media, bloggers and even members of Congress are all going ape over Rush Limbaugh’s use of the phrase “phony soldiers”.  It’s been leading memeorandum all day long. 

I gotta tell ya though. it’s silly.  Just like the outrage over MoveOn’s “Betray us” ad.  In fact, the way this is playing out, it looks like the Limbaugh outrage is retaliation for the MoveOn fracas.  Heck, there’s even another “resolution to condemn” about to be presented in the House.

Is this political proxy war for real?  I mean, why in the heck should the actions or words of friggin Rush Limbaugh or MoveOn be brought before Congress?  It’s childish, and a waste of the Congress’ time.  Besides, who the heck cares what Limbaugh says?  I listen to the guy on the radio on my way to work every other day and I swear that in the 15 minutes I catch he must spout out 1 or 2 things that’s sure to make someone’s blood pressure go up.  I really hate to sound like I’m defending Limbaugh here, but this looks like some seriously trumped up nonsense.  It’s not as if some soldier out there who opposed the war is going to go cry in the corner because Rush freakin’ Limbaugh said “phony” on the radio.  I would think that a “real” soldier would just call Limbaugh an idiot and change the station.

Also, to make this big a deal out of this just serves to stroke Rush’s ego by implying that his words are so powerful and influential that this gaffe warrants the Congress’ attention.

Anyway, the level of hype that this has created has forced Limbaugh to address it and try to explain himself.  It is kinda fun to hear him painstakingly dissect his own words:

(h/t hot air)

Related question: Why in the world would someone want to watch Rush Limbaugh speak into a microphone?

*Both the title for this post and the first sentence were stolen from LGF, for extra sass.


Another Milestone For The Blog

September 28, 2007

I got wikied. 

More precisely, someone used my post on BDS in the references section for the wikipedia entry on Bush Derangement Syndrome.

My wiki fu is a bit weak, but it looks like this was added recently

Oh well, now that I’m “big time”, I suppose I should start to pay attention to the quality of my posts around here. LOL