John Bolton Gets Nostalgic

September 30, 2007

boultonmup.jpgI’m picking this for quote of the week, delivered by John Bolton while discussing what should be done about the Iran situation:

“If we were to strike Iran it should be accompanied by an effort at regime change … The US once had the capability to engineer the clandestine overthrow of governments. I wish we could get it back,” he said.

What Bolton is referring to, of course, is this.  Nothing quite like the spooks of yesteryear, compared to the moonbats that are inhabiting the CIA these days, right?

I’m not sure why he thinks of the exercise as a dead practice though.  There’s word that Bush and Cheney at least making an effort at it in Iran currently.

And Johnnyboy, it isn’t particularly “clandestine” when you’re telling the media about it, is it? 


  1. Oh wow, a political Chinese-American
    Congratulations, you’re a disgrace to my people and my country

  2. No, I’m not Chinese, so you can relax.

  3. Oh the exercise is definitely a dead practice compared to the hey-day of crazy-ass CIA missions.

  4. […] 22, 2007 And when I say “another”, it’s in reference to the Bolton quote I featured here in the Chamber a little while […]

  5. ahhh the good ole days, I miss ’em too… wasn’t life easier back then?

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