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Dittoheads Circling The Wagons

October 3, 2007

This is my last Rush Limbaugh thread, I promise…

I just can’t help but scratch my head and wonder why the stupid “phony soldiers” comment has become the main event in political discourse for the last week.  The most amazing thing here is that for the comment to mean whatever those on the left or the right are claiming it means would take some omnipotent insight into what Rush was thinking when he said it.  I noticed that LGFer Pythagoras explained this fairly well last night:

OK, let’s use some careful deconstruction. The question is whether Rush’s reference was to all the soldiers in a broad group of just to the phony soldiers (meaning the ones who really are phony). The simple fact of the matter is that it can be taken either way. The statement does not have a clear antecedent — it’s too brief. He could have been agreeing with the callers antecedent or he could have been clarifying it.

So, the left is wrong because they insist that Rush HAD TO mean all soldiers who are against the war. The rules of English grammar do not support that point.

But understand that we should not argue that Rush HAD TO only be referring to the truly phony soldiers — the grammar doesn’t do that either. The grammar is ambiguous and that means the criticism of Rush is wrong.

Stick to that (not that logic works on the left).

Incidentally, that was the analysis that I was in the middle of posting my agreement with (except for the  left’s logic quip) when I was abruptly banned, so I thought I’d find a place for it regardless.

Anyway, it seems that the whole brouhaha has at least a few people worried, as I happened to notice on the Redstate feed that a petition was created:


I miss

October 3, 2007

Damn it, who else am I supposed to argue with and waste company time on?

Chen, is there any way to buy it from Jerry and get it back up? I’d be willing to throw down on it, but I’m not technical enough to run it. What do you think? You up for it? Is it even possible.

 grumble grumble grumble….