I miss Fearbush.com

October 3, 2007

Damn it, who else am I supposed to argue with and waste company time on?

Chen, is there any way to buy it from Jerry and get it back up? I’d be willing to throw down on it, but I’m not technical enough to run it. What do you think? You up for it? Is it even possible.

 grumble grumble grumble….




  1. No idea man. At this point I’m not sure how to get a hold of Jerry. All I’ve got is AIM I think.

  2. That’s more than what I have…

  3. The other idea is to agree to go to another message board or something. There’s plenty of them out there, so I guess it might come down to whether we want to go somewhere that is politically neutral or one that leans a certain way.

    I guess I thought that using blogging is more open and offers a different dynamic. There are pros and cons to both I suppose. Message boards are probably better for debate and discussion because threads with the most recent comments will rise to the top, and the commenting system has a lot more tools (here you have to know some html and you can’t put pictures in the comments, etc.). Blog entries can get more exposure and the attention of those outside of website. In other words, your posts attract visitors from anywhere, and the commentors aren’t limited to the registered members of a particular site. Like I said, pros and cons.

    I do think that the format that GCP is using is pretty neat though. It looks like a combo of a blog and MB. That seems to be pretty rare, but may have the best of both worlds. I dunno…I think you’d find no shortage of arguments to get into over there, incidentally. It’s inhabited almost exclusively by ex-LGFers.

    Anyway, I checked to see if Jerry was on when I got home from work. It would be nice to have his email, but alas, I never got it. You’d think that he’d let us know if he was going to take the site down though. Maybe this is just another instance where he hasn’t been paying attention?

  4. I don’t think, that Jerry has been very interested since the elections of 2004. It’s then when the first extended downtime started and it happened time and time again all through the following years.

    I can’t even say I blame him for losing interest. FB has been degenerating for quite some time. It was always the same people posting and you when it came to confronting the resident righties, you pretty much knew you would get the newest Fox outlet for an answer. They didn’t even bother to rephrase the slogans.

    Most of those folks making FB an interesting place in the beginning had moved on in 03 and 04 and those, who where staying hardly posted anymore. There were whole weeks when noone was posting in the WWIII threads, which was considered the most important one at the start.

    All in all I would say FB lived through it’s own demise some years ago. But it would have been nice if Jerry would have said something about taking it down prior to the fact.

    But we don’t know what happened in the end. We don’t even know about the wellbeing of Jerry.

  5. As much as I hated some parts of it, now that it’s gone, I miss it. Blogs like this and what not just don’t “do” it for me. It’s not as fast and I like the fact that people had to really look to find us. Places like LGF and some of the other boards are full of people I don’t want to deal with. Maybe it’s just that I like being an old school member and don’t want to be a newb on a site that is over-run with ellitists and the like. I can’t stand any of the righty boards, and most of the lefty boards bother me too. I just liked having my own little corner of the web and really got used to most of the people on there. I guess it was just more comfortable than most places (not that your blog sucks, I just never got into blogging). As geeky as it sounds, you guys became my online buddies that I never really knew personally, but felt like I did. I don’t know if I want to start all over somewhere else…

  6. Well, I know how you feel Sliq, but what to do? I have a bunch of you guys’ emails, so it’s possible to invade another MB like a bunch of e-refugees. It wouldn’t take too long to get that back. Heck, it might be kinda fun. Sure, you’d miss beating up on Reed, but there’d be someone new. It’s like when a pet dies. You miss the heck out of the old one, but once you get a new one you kinda move on.

    Post up some prospective sites and we can go from there, perhaps?

    Or, maybe for fun you should take a look around the blogs more. Once you’re logged in to WordPress, you can hop from blog to blog and leave comments like wildfire. Check out the list of WP political blogs in my sidebar—->

    Or there are links to recent posts under the “politics tag”—–>

    Me? I just get a kick out of Blogs 4 Brownback. It’s a riot.

  7. I don’t miss beating up on Reed because we play fantasy football together and have already beat him once. haha

    He thinks I must be retarded with some of the trades he has tried to offer me…

    The worse part is, that dumb ass Ollie is beating the crap out of everyone…

  8. So you are still able to keep in contact with the guys in the football league then? Just wondering because I never got Reed’s email either. We always communicated by PM.

    BTW- FB must be in some sort of vegetative state, because the url to my avatar is still live:

    I don’t think it’s quite dead yet.

  9. weird

  10. You could always set up an account on Political Stew? Dr. Ken & I both still post there.
    It’s a bit more fractious than FB, although I’m not sure that’s a bad thing!
    It’d be good to see you guys there – miss all the chat!

    (I’m milton on there)

  11. I signed up for political crossfire, but so far I have yet to engage. There are just too many sites, it’s kinda overwhelming.

  12. If anybody wants to contact me via AIM at the screen name Livenende, I can set up websites, forums, and all that. I just don’t have the capital at this time to get it rolling and keep it going. I would definitely consider doing so with some support, though.

  13. Nicklas, I’ll try and contact you this weeked. I’ve been posting at Political Stew and the forum link I’ve left in this post. I go by the names Old Ironhead and Wes Mantooth there. If you’d like to give a shout there, just ask me a question in the “Everything you’ve always wanted to ask OIH” in the General Chatter section.

    I miss all you guys, except for that toothless fuck rocky.

  14. Anyone remember me? 😉 I posted more often in the early days (circa 2004), then became a bit of a lurker.

    So yeah. Hi! (And what the hell happened with FB and Jerry anyway?)

  15. Hi shelly-

    I’m afraid that I have no way of contacting Jerry. Even though I suppose I could still make new blog posts over there, the forums have been dead for a long time.

  16. Hi everyone!

    Now finally reading this a year later, I totally feel bad for letting you guys down. Had I known you would have missed it as much as you did, I would have made a better effort in getting it back online.

    I think abaris is right. I did lose interest in the site after ’04. The downtimes had more to do with administrative technical issues and yes, with lack of motivation, it was hard for me to make keeping the site up a priority.

    Anyway, I’m feeling the love again and would beg of you to stop back by and say hi. I do want the site to continue and I have some ideas on how that can happen. Would love your input and support in that discussion.

    I understand if everyone has moved on to other sites or different things in their life, but thought I’d finally chime in here before FearBush was a complete memory.

    Please come visit!


  17. Hello faggits!

    I miss you to…

    I miss Reed, Donovan Mcnabb, incredible krunk, Xaffer, Trez, Muthafranka….

    all of you freaks…

    Gunslinger (aka Deus)

  18. FearBush Reunion:

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