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GOP Pushes, Craig Assumes A Wide Stance

October 4, 2007

Stubborn fella, that Larry Craig:   Sen. Craig not resigning despite judge’s ruling

(CNN) — Sen. Larry Craig on Thursday said he was not resigning from the Senate despite a Minnesota judge denying his request to withdraw his guilty plea stemming from his arrest in a sex sting at an airport men’s room.

“There has been a sense around the Senate that he was going to stay,” a Senate GOP leadership aide told CNN, saying there was “frustration and fatigue around the issue.”

Sorry I don’t have more to post.  I still just find that “wide stance” thing absolutely hilarious.

Update:  OK, Maybe I do have more to post.  From Malkin’s site:


Interesting choice for a visual aid, I might add.

Update:  Mike Jones, male escort of Ted Haggard fame, was caught saying that Craig “came to see him“.  Craig’s camp is denying it.  Maybe this is just Jones’ way of boosting his creds as a man whore to the stars. 


C’mon GCPers! Let me in! Please?

October 4, 2007

I could have sworn I filled out the registration form correctly.  I got the message that membership required admin approval, so if that’s what’s holding us up here, I might as well remind you guys about what Rayra said awhile back:

I pistol-whipped ChenZen for being a fucking kossack-crowd retard. And like all the other fucking cowards of his broad yellow stripe, he strikes where and when he cannot be answered.

For now, it seems like the opposite is true.  Rayra could have posted a comment in my thread, and decided not to.  “Cannot be answered” is coming from his side, as it turns out.

I also read this, on the main page:

And BTW, you are all welcome here, unless you’re dumbass mobys.

I’m neither dumbass nor moby.  Ask anyone.

Let’s have some fun, shall we?  I know you’re hard up for an alternative viewpoint (aka “trolls”) around there.

Update:  I think they’re blocking my IP now.  That’s just childish.  Hmmm…let me see.  What should I post next?  Oh, I got it!

You’re no daisy at all…

I find it little odd that with all the tough talk that goes on over there about extensive training in the art of “whack a troll” and their proficiency in wielding a “clue by four”, someone like me would be quietly blocked from entering seeing the site. 

Or maybe I don’t. 

Oh well, have fun beating up on Gordon.

Update:  Oh, of course.  You banned Gordon.