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October 8, 2007

They kept me from registering. They blocked my IP. I was going to just move on, but after I was tipped off to this delusional post at GCP, I just couldn’t resist:

Ed, Chuck’s painted himself into a corner. He’ll have to ban you for that, after banning so many people for so much less. Or wind up looking like an even bigger hypocrite. I think you just wrote your your own epitaph for LGF.

“And goodness, I wish American Infidel had been banned and or warned, before she created a permanent wedge.”

And a hearty Second to that. If Charles had banned the likes of her and Gordon and ChenZhen YEARS earlier, he’d still have a blog capable of fact-checking its way out of a paper bag. And some much higher traffic levels.

/speaking of which, I’m still wondering how he loses 30k hits every Friday mid-day


Oh wait, I think he was being serious.  OK…um…Rayra?  You’re crazy.

Question: How can an LGFer who averaged ~3 posts/day manage to a) retard the “fact-checking” capabilities of a blog with literally thousands of registered members who contribute thousands of comments per day, and b) have a negative effect on that website’s traffic? 

Should I tattoo an “S” on my chest?  Nah.  I hate tattoos.  Maybe I’ll put one in the sidebar here on the blog.

I suppose it never occurred to rayra that a dissenting voice such as mine actually initiated the occasional fact-check and may have even had a positive effect on traffic levels (vigorous debate would at least result in more page views, one would think). 

Not to mention the fact that I did a fair amount of fact-checking myself while I was there.

Admit it rayra.  You begged Charles to ban me.  Not just in the posts, but I’ll bet you sent him an email or two as well.  He refused, and you couldn’t let it go.

I got IN UR HED.