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My 1½ Years At

October 16, 2007

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I was finally banned from LGF.

In the end, it appears that it was my use of irony in the Limbaugh thread here (on my blog) that became the last straw (explained as one too many “stabs in the back“).  I’ll admit that it was pretty fun to push buttons around there at times, and I figured that my days were numbered anyway, but part of me thinks that the stick came out because Charles grew more tired of the volume and frequency of whining that emanated from the section of resident sycophants than the content of the playful ankle biting I was posting on my own blog.  Then again… perhaps not.

For my part, I think its worth noting that in my almost 1600 comments I logged in the last year in a half, I never uttered an obscenity (well, maybe once), or resorted to a personal attack on anyone. I felt that I made a pretty sincere effort to discuss and debate there politely and honorably.  This was likely the reason why I managed to stick around as long as I did.  I never really “let loose” on any of them, or had episodes of losing composure.  Truthfully, I had many interesting debates and conversations both in the comments section and in the lounge. And I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t learn something in the process.

Also, for the record, I never went into LGF to pursue any agenda beyond engaging in debate with the “pro-war” division of the blogosphere.  In fact, I hadn’t even heard of LGF before the day I registered. (I stumbled upon the site by following a link in Michelle Malkin’s blogroll, after getting frustrated by the fact that many of the prominent blogs didn’t have open registration.  As it turned out, I got extremely lucky, and the LGF doors happened to be open on my first visit).

So, to visiting LGFers, I bid you a fond farewell.  But before I put LGF behind me forever, I thought it would be nice to take a stroll down memory lane, reflect, and post some final thoughts and observations that I’ve gathered during my time there.  After all, 1600 comments is quite a cumulative investment on my part, so perhaps it’d be appropriate to take a little extra time to post a few conclusions that I’ve drawn. I feel uninhibited to be completely candid at this point, and I guess that on some level, I owe it to myself to do so (blame Killgore).  These are things that I made a point to keep to myself (for the most part), until now.

Instead of placing everything in one thread, I’ve decided to take on a theme and make it a multi-part miniseries (of sorts). So, tomorrow night, I’ll kick it off by addressing the subject…

Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

BTW- Since I cannot defend myself on LGF, I’ll encourage visitors from that site (and anyone else) to go ahead and comment in these threads.  If you feel that you need it would be better to leave a phony nic and email when you do so, go right ahead.  Or, just lurk.  Your call.  I’ll also preemptively state that I stand by any links that get posted, but if Charles decides to pull his redirect trick, I guess you can still copy/paste them into your browser anyway.   

See ya tomorrow.