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My 1½ Years At LGF, Part VIII: Sockpuppet Revealed!

October 24, 2007

I’m going to conclude this series by treating the lizards to a little surprise…

Mr. Poopypants = ChenZhen

On one warm August afternoon, while sitting in front of a brand-new work computer, I decided to visit the site and noticed that LGF’s registration was open.  Now, up until that point, I had been online for a few of these windows of opportunity, but I had always resisted the temptation to register another nickname.  Sockpuppetry just isn’t my thing, after all.  On this occasion, however, I felt that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have another account- just in case.  I dunno, maybe I got the feeling that “ChenZhen’s” banishment was imminent.  Anyway, the problem was, I was drawing a blank on what name to give my impostor entity.  Time was running out, and I had to think fast.   What should the name be?  Desperate, I looked up to the masthead to remind myself what site I was on (a reference to boogers, or so I’ve guessed), and the inspiration hit me.  “Mr. Poopypants” was thereby, er…um…”hatched”.  I posted a couple of innocuous comments, internally chided myself stooping to such a level, and decided to put the sockpuppet into a drawer until a day came that I might want to take him out.

A little over a month later, “ChenZhen” was unceremoniously cast out of LGF.  My instincts turned out to be fairly keen, I guess.

So, here I am, an LGFer with nothing but a ridiculously monikered sockpuppet in the drawer.  What do I do?  Well, first, I have to make sure that Mr. Poopypants had managed to stay below Charles’ radar (after banishment, many sockpuppets have been quietly blocked out due to his uncanny ability to detect them, an ability that he seems to take pride in, in fact;  you have to be careful not to arouse suspicion).  I logged in, successfully posted another lame comment, and came to the conclusion that I had snuck one past the proverbial goalie.  OK, now what?  Do I take Poopy under my wing, and begin a new life as a lizardoid?

Nah, I don’t roll like that.

So, today is the day that Mr. Poopypants gets martyred.  I’m not going to wait for my sockpuppet to be quietly banished, like so many others before him have.  I’ll hold my head high, take with me the satisfaction that I’m going to bookend this series by going out in a blaze of glory, and use poor ol’ Poopy to deliver a little encore.  The Chamber is the home of the noble flame warriors, after all…


Mr. Poopypants
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