My 1½ Years At LGF, Part VIII: Sockpuppet Revealed!

October 24, 2007

I’m going to conclude this series by treating the lizards to a little surprise…

Mr. Poopypants = ChenZhen

On one warm August afternoon, while sitting in front of a brand-new work computer, I decided to visit the site and noticed that LGF’s registration was open.  Now, up until that point, I had been online for a few of these windows of opportunity, but I had always resisted the temptation to register another nickname.  Sockpuppetry just isn’t my thing, after all.  On this occasion, however, I felt that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have another account- just in case.  I dunno, maybe I got the feeling that “ChenZhen’s” banishment was imminent.  Anyway, the problem was, I was drawing a blank on what name to give my impostor entity.  Time was running out, and I had to think fast.   What should the name be?  Desperate, I looked up to the masthead to remind myself what site I was on (a reference to boogers, or so I’ve guessed), and the inspiration hit me.  “Mr. Poopypants” was thereby, er…um…”hatched”.  I posted a couple of innocuous comments, internally chided myself stooping to such a level, and decided to put the sockpuppet into a drawer until a day came that I might want to take him out.

A little over a month later, “ChenZhen” was unceremoniously cast out of LGF.  My instincts turned out to be fairly keen, I guess.

So, here I am, an LGFer with nothing but a ridiculously monikered sockpuppet in the drawer.  What do I do?  Well, first, I have to make sure that Mr. Poopypants had managed to stay below Charles’ radar (after banishment, many sockpuppets have been quietly blocked out due to his uncanny ability to detect them, an ability that he seems to take pride in, in fact;  you have to be careful not to arouse suspicion).  I logged in, successfully posted another lame comment, and came to the conclusion that I had snuck one past the proverbial goalie.  OK, now what?  Do I take Poopy under my wing, and begin a new life as a lizardoid?

Nah, I don’t roll like that.

So, today is the day that Mr. Poopypants gets martyred.  I’m not going to wait for my sockpuppet to be quietly banished, like so many others before him have.  I’ll hold my head high, take with me the satisfaction that I’m going to bookend this series by going out in a blaze of glory, and use poor ol’ Poopy to deliver a little encore.  The Chamber is the home of the noble flame warriors, after all…


Mr. Poopypants
This user is blocked.
—————————————- —————————————-

Registered lizardoid since: Aug 28, 2007 at 5:58 pm

No. of comments posted (since July 26, 2004): 7
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Topic: Zombie: Haters Attack Nonie Darwish at Berkeley

And that’s that.


  1. Looks like he got you now… sometime between 11 and 11:25 edt.

    It was fun while it lasted. 🙂

  2. Oh yea, he’s deleting all Poopypants comments now. Mission accomplished.

    “phoenixgirl” gave me a “well played”…(pretty sure he deleted that one too) lol

  3. Did you notice that you can no longer click on the footballs unless you’re logged in? That’s just happened within the past two weeks or so.

  4. Yea, I noticed that too. Membership has it’s privileges, but I was happy to turn in my card.

  5. Honestly, this has to be one of the most pathetic posts I have read in a long time. You will not be missed at LGF; I doubt you will even be remembered. At least Gordon will be remembered, for a time anyway.

    You left, and no one even noticed; I only found this blog as I like to read LGF Watch on occasion to catch up with what the hate mongers over there have to say.

  6. Wow, somebody who gladly reads LGF every day accuses LGF Watch of hate-mongering.

    May we also call the sky yellow while we’re at it?

  7. Ha… you’re funny, Red Tulips… you claim that “you will not be missed… no one noticed…” … and you come over here in less than an hour after Mr. Poopypants is gone.

    I and I thought I was obsessive…

  8. I think I got Tulips’ goat too. lol

  9. Q: What’s better than roses on your piano?

    A: Tulips on your organ.

  10. Not One Of Chenzen’s Sock Puppets,

    I came over here days ago via LGF Watch. It’s sort of rather obvious, given you can see my comments dating back a number of days.

    LGF Watch is anti-Israel and links to one of the most hysterical Jew haters of them all, Norm Finkelstein. They also entertain comments from 9/11 “Troofers.” So yes, it is a site of hate mongers.

  11. So, since you admit to reading LGF Watch, then do you also admit to being a hate-monger?

  12. Little red tulip seems to have some panties bunched up in the nether regions. Niiiiice one Chen 😉

  13. LGF Watch is anti-Israel and links to one of the most hysterical Jew haters of them all, Norm Finkelstein.

    Criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism, though of course anti-Semites are usually anti-Zionist as well.

    They also entertain comments from 9/11 “Troofers.”

    LGF Watch entertains comments from many sorts of people. Show me a few “troofer” comments that weren’t immediately shouted down.

    So yes, it is a site of hate mongers.

    And the prize for the pot calling the kettle green goes to…Red Tulips!

  14. Sorry ChenZhen, my memory lives on, while you are utterly forgotten.

    Or perhaps you just wasted less time there than I did!

  15. BTW- I’m thinking that Tulips here doesn’t really get why I did this, so let me set it up a bit better for him(?) and everyone else…

    For a week now, I’ve been posting this series, and with each day a new thread comes along with a fresh set of links that show up in Charles’ logs. In other words, Charles must have known something was up over here. It’s one of these situations where he knows, I know he knows, he knows that I know he knows, etc. And he’s not about to call attention to it. I’m sure, to him, I’m just a lowly D-list blogger that he banned a few weeks ago. That, and I think I made some pretty astute observations.

    I kinda wanted the lizards to see the series, I’ll admit. It was the whole point of all this. Now, I’m fairly confident that sometime during this week, I’ve had visits from some of the LGFers. There were just way too many hits from searches for “ChenZhen” and to the “Greetings Lizards” page. The problem was, they aren’t going to say anything about my memoirs in LGF’s comment section (they’ve likely learned their lesson from the ex-LGFers that now inhabit the GCP site); which would explain why I didn’t get any traffic coming from over there. In short, an LGFer would risk banishment by posting a link to any of these threads. I’m sure Charles considers it an advertisement for views that are critical of him and/or the blog. (Yep, he’s got the lizards that much in line).

    So, imagine what he must have thought when he woke up this morning to find a slew of “report” emails in his box (“WAKE UP!!! ChenZhen is BACK” Oh Noes!), and realizes that dozens of his minions are clicking on links back to this series -links that he didn’t want them to see (presumably)- left by my sockpuppet that was right under his nose the whole time. All he could do at that point was plug the dam and delete any comments that had links back to my site (and delete he did, furiously). He was pissed, no doubt, and probably a little humiliated.

    So, the lizards have seen my memoirs, I handed Charles a little pwnage, and I’ve created a situation on LGF that basically solidifies my status as a former LGFer that shalt not be mentioned. Not a bad way to cap off the series IMO. And all I had to do was blow a sockpuppet that I really had no interest in using anyway.

  16. Chen, some yahoo is nic jacking you or did you post this?

    “Chenzen said…

    What is going on here?
    I read your entire blog and it does not make any sense at all. Who really was this MARS Trucker guy? He is not listed at LGF at all. I think you made this stuff up to troll the blogsphere.Why are there three of you posting? Makes no sense. Did Charles ban you from LGF? Not a big deal go to my blog Chenzen’s Chamber


    Keep up the good work Chen


  17. Holy cow. No I didn’t post that. My legend must be growing lol. There are netizens going around masquerading as me. Interesting. They spelled my nic wrong, but got they didn’t mess up the link to the site. Weird.

    Anyway, I left a comment in that thread.

  18. one of the most hysterical Jew haters of them all, Norm Finkelstein.

    It takes an LGFer or ragining Kahanist to claim that a Jew could be a ‘hysterical Jew-hater.’

    While I don’t agree with some of Finkelstein’s views, calling him that only indicates how hysterical the commenter is–& says very little about Finkelstein himself.

  19. Chen, in reference to the above post from pgp, the “author” of that blog posted this: http://marstruckerisbraindead.blogspot.com/2006/07/fortunate-change-of-hands-to-shorten.html#c9042788427597155941

    “xylonhexes said…

    Hi there, this xylonhexes the original author of this blog. A lot has happened over time.

    1. my blogger account was stolen with my laptop from a devilish young man with a vivid imagination.

    2. Steve Maury was tried, convicted of hate-crimes, and died and is STILL DEAD.

    3. I cannot retrieve my blogger account and as a result, I will start another blog soon.

    4. I have a blog but it it is in Farsi and most you who were regular on this blog do not understand Farsi the language of my father so therefore, I will start another blog…soon…I promise

    5. I have been on an native- American reservation in California for the last two years and I will report on my experiences. All I can tell you now is that these people are oppressed beyond belief.

    6. The current administration pulled the plug on EARTH my organization that I helped found to prevent the tyranny and oppression bestowed on the people of color by the white American race. They were afraid that we could start a revolution and nothing strikes terror into the white man as a person of color gaining knowledge and strength. Many of my co-founders were seized and locked away as terrorist and the media controlled by the current administration refused to report the violations of their rights. Meanwhile, Bush commits atrocities and mayhem and is celebrated as a hero.

    I look forward to hearing from you all soon. I will use this thread to communicate until I get my new blog set up although it is a very hard task as I am fighting the powers that be who will not stop until they quash every person of color on the face of this planet.

    PEACE to You ALL


    I can empathize with your endeavor to clarify your post on LGF and the relationship of this blog and LGF. IIRC, this xylenhexes was banned after calling out this “Mars Trucker” on LGF as a bigot only to receive the banning stick as a reward. The blog was an answer to Charles promoting his racist anti-Islam agenda through his so called minions. Charles claims he did not allow posters to spew hatred ect… but as you can see, it still goes on over there at LGF.

    Btw, you do not need to always comment on LGF to promote your blog. It stands on its own just fine. You getting banned from LGF was probably the best thing for your blog.

    c-ya around…keep on posting.

  20. It takes an LGFer or ragining Kahanist to claim that a Jew could be a ‘hysterical Jew-hater.’

    There were Kapos during the Holocaust, and the “self-hating Jew” phenomenom has a long history. Just because someone is Jewish hardly gives them immunity from a claim of Jew hatred. It takes a hysterical intellectual dud to fail to realize that.

    Finkelstein proudly supports Hezbollah, whose goal is Jewish annhilation worldwide. I should know, as a close friend of mine was literally on Nasrallah’s death list and had to flee Lebanon for his life. His crime was being Jewish.

    So yes, Finkelstein hates Jews. I do not care that he claims he is Jewish. He is, as I called him, a Jew hating Jew.

    LGF Watch links to his site, and as such, it supports Jew hatred.

  21. Bill Z.-

    Btw, you do not need to always comment on LGF to promote your blog. It stands on its own just fine. You getting banned from LGF was probably the best thing for your blog.

    c-ya around…keep on posting.

    Yea, another reason why I “martyred” my sockpuppet was for the symbolic gesture. I basically announced to them that I have an account, and I don’t want it anymore. And, you’re right, I know I don’t have to comment on LGF, as the vast majority of my posts in the Chamber have nothing to do with LGF. I just wanted to say my piece over here with this series, make sure the LGFers saw it, and move on.

  22. “LGF Watch links to his site, and as such, it supports Jew hatred.”

    So is Charles a neo-Nazi for linking to Paul Belien’s Brussels Journal (who’s closely linked to Vlaams Belang)? After all Charles has been making a lot of enemies by criticising the fascist element of the anti-Jihad movement lately.

    1. Guilt by association demonstrates a poor argument

    2. Make sure the association is at least strong. Finkelstein is neither a Jew hater, holocaust denier or Kapo as has been suggested elswhere.

  23. I see the legend of “MARS Trucker” is alive and well here too Chen.

    Long Live MARS Trucker…heh

  24. Wow, you martyred your account too! Mine wasn’t a “sock-puppet” (which until your wiki-link here I wasn’t 100% sure of the meaning of), but may as well have been, stuck with the old name I had already cast off.

    I don’t know how Charles figured out Sphinx so fast, but I wasn’t going to stick around if he wasn’t welcome. I think you saw where I posted this on the govvs.blogspot.com site, speaking of which, I’m surprised I already had not been banned for. Maybe Charles just really dug the old me. Who the heck knows. All I know is that I had to write the guy to get my account closed, despite the best previous efforts of Highrise and Sharmuta….ROFL.

  25. Lex-

    All I know is that I had to write the guy to get my account closed, despite the best previous efforts of Highrise and Sharmuta….ROFL.

    I could have just done that, I guess. This was a lot more fun though. 🙂

  26. […] I managed to post 1600 comments on LGF (many of them high in snark value) without that happening*, and I swear that was one of Charles’ favorite things to […]

  27. […] memoirs in an 8-part series, debuting a new one each evening. ChenZhen concluded the series with a thread covering his return to LGF (via Mr. Poopypants) at a time when he knew Charles would be away from […]

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