Another Test…

November 1, 2007

I’ve received several emails requesting another test to make sure everyone’s ping pages are set up properly, so I’ll try it with the latest code.  Also, when I copy the code directly from my sidebar and paste it in the “visual” mode, I get this:

WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance

If you go in and manually remove the inital “center” and “font size” tags, you’ll get this:

WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance

How you want it to look is up to you, but either way, it’s a cluster of links that should send a ping back to everyone on the list’s page.  And remember, you must have your “allow pings” box checked for this to work, but I’d also suggest having the “allow comments” box to be checked as well.

Update:  Man, this is wierd.  Here it is many hours after publishing this post, and low and behold:

Already pinged:

Some are listed twice, but are there some missing? Yep, we have plenty of people who didn’t get pinged (as of this writing):


Just to try something, I went in and manually pasted Suzie-Q’s link into the “Send trackbacks to:” box for this post, and that worked almost instantly. So I wonder…

Would it be easier just to copy all the links and paste them into the “send trackbacks to:” box before you post, and forget about this code business? Would it work better?

Update:  After saving this last update, I went back in and noticed that heathlander just showed up under “already pinged”.  I’m going to try to copy/paste the rest of them into the “send trackbacks to” box to see what happens….

Update:  Sure enough, once I did that, the rest of the urls got pinged.  Good grief.  OK…bear with me here people, ’cause I’m gonna try another test.  This time, instead of pasting the code into the post, I’ll paste the raw urls into the “send trackbacks to” box.  If everyone gets a ping almost instantly, it’ll probably be time to ditch the code and go another route.  Silly WordPress!


  1. Mine appears to be working.

  2. I’m showing it. HAGWE

  3. What’s HAGWE?

  4. One of three “texting” things I know. Have A Good Week End.

  5. LOL

    HAGWE to you too!

  6. I know it’s late, and I’m still learning … but I’m not sure I know how to do this? I created a page, and I am receiving messages from you, and a few others, but how again to I send something back to everyone? I know … the slow kid in the room …


  7. BAC-

    Simply copy the “WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance” (in my sidebar) and paste it at the bottom of your post. Once your post is published, it will (in theory) send a ping back to everyone in the alliance.

    This works because it’s basically a cluster of links.

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