Another Test (v2.0)…

November 2, 2007

OK…one more time. This time, I’m going to simply paste the following into my “send trackbacks to:” box:

http://edgruberman.wordpress.com/my-clan/ http://suzieqq.wordpress.com/2007/11/01/wp-political-blogger-alliance/ http://nedraggett.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/ http://heathlander.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/ http://yikes101.wordpress.com/political/ https://chenzhen.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/ http://bmac20.wordpress.com/wordpress-political-blogger-alliance/ http://moralauthority.wordpress.com/wordpress-political-blogger-alliance/ http://in2thefray.wordpress.com/wp-pap/ http://gto7.wordpress.com/test/ http://incontiguousbrick.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/ http://mpinkeyes.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/ http://wp01.wordpress.com/alliance/ http://mikk2.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/ http://ubikcan.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/ http://arclightzero.wordpress.com/2007/11/01/wp-political-blogger-alliance/ http://quranbible.wordpress.com/wp-political-blogger-alliance/


  1. Got it

  2. Yea, I just checked in the edit screen. It looks like everyone got pinged within minutes. Son of a….

    BTW- QuranBible appears to have opted out. The ping page has been deleted.

  3. Got it CZ and my ping page is now working! 🙂

  4. coming so late, i may be getting confused. i did setup a ping page. as noted on your original thread, my blog lives here now http://www.otherwhirled.com and my ping page is http://www.otherwhirled.com/wppb/

    it’s off the public wordpress, but it’s still very wordpress. all my blogs are!

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