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Oh Noes! First The Empire State Building, Now NBC Peacocks!

November 4, 2007

I’m not sure what’s so scary about the color green.   A little while ago I documented the outrage that permeated the rightosphere over those dreaded green lights that illuminated the Empire State Building, so naturally I’m sitting here wondering how long I’ll have to wait for crazy reax to the news that NBC has changed their traditional multi-colored peacock logo to all green (for a whole week!)…


…..not long.

It just started, and I assume that there will be more heads exploding as the week goes by (just wait and see what happens when Al Gore makes his appearance on 30 Rock on Thursday), so I’ll track the outrage via links on technorati…this should be hilarious.

Update:  They’re pretty grumpy about it over at Hot Air:

Dear NFL,

Lose NBC. Now.


Hot Air

Yea.  Don’tcha know?  Green and football don’t mix.

Update:  More disdain over NBC’s campaign to promote energy conservation and recycling over at Sister Toldjah. Political Blogger Alliance