Oh Noes! First The Empire State Building, Now NBC Peacocks!

November 4, 2007

I’m not sure what’s so scary about the color green.   A little while ago I documented the outrage that permeated the rightosphere over those dreaded green lights that illuminated the Empire State Building, so naturally I’m sitting here wondering how long I’ll have to wait for crazy reax to the news that NBC has changed their traditional multi-colored peacock logo to all green (for a whole week!)…


…..not long.

It just started, and I assume that there will be more heads exploding as the week goes by (just wait and see what happens when Al Gore makes his appearance on 30 Rock on Thursday), so I’ll track the outrage via links on technorati…this should be hilarious.

Update:  They’re pretty grumpy about it over at Hot Air:

Dear NFL,

Lose NBC. Now.


Hot Air

Yea.  Don’tcha know?  Green and football don’t mix.

Update:  More disdain over NBC’s campaign to promote energy conservation and recycling over at Sister Toldjah.  

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  1. […] post idea at ChenZen looking at the reaction (overreaction) to the plan. I suggest his post for looking at it all. The […]

  2. I don’t mind awareness of certain issues, but Algore and his followers are spreading lyes… I tell my oldest daughter to tell me if she is ever told that the earth is warming and we are all going to die if we don’t “do something”, don’t indoctrinate my kid… I’ll do the same when my other two get in school as well… these socialist are void of crtical thought or thinking.

  3. .
    Most people will think it’s just like St. Patty’s Day. Over at Israpundit, http://www.israpundit.com/2006/?p=5956 , they would call this an example of “The Green Plague”. That’s what they say Islamification should be called. So, therefore, “STOP THE GREEN PLAGUE!”. Spread the word!

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    allow Islamic conquest

    enjoy the dhimmi life
    of second class citizen


  4. I noticed that in the episode of “Chuck” on Monday a line was delivered by the evil assistant manager character to the effect that he was promoting a green campaign at the store because he had no problem exploiting the burgeoning conscience of the American people in order to increase sales. I thought that summed this whole concept up nicely.

  5. I find al-Gore to be so hypocritical!

    I’m a crunchy con aka a conservative who is also a rabid recycle-er , we drive a diesel jetta TDI that gets 50 miles to the gallon. We were using those spirally light bulbs long before it was faddy and trendy, and we don’t buy little trees from kids who live in poverty stricken countries thinking it will help our bloated lives and consciences!

    al-Gore can act one way while he lectures the rest of us on how to live. He disgusts me! Yes, the planet may be warming up, but it’s coming directly from the sun not us and there’s nothing we can do or not do to stop it.

    How arrogant man thinks when he believes that he can control everything!

    In ten years from now when Florida & Californicate AREN’T drowning we can all laugh our butts off at al-Gore for the fool he really is! We should be furious with him for his fear and control campaign, but let’s all laugh instead.

    As far as the NBC peacock going green for the week — who cares! It’s symbolism over substance!

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