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60 Minutes Exposes “Curveball”

November 7, 2007

I’m a couple days late on this, but I thought I’d post about the episode of 60 Minutes that I watched on Sunday, where we finally heard the name of the CIA “informant”* that was the cornerstone of the case that Colin Powell made before the UN in the run-up to the Iraq war (a case, incidentally, that I was very sceptical of when I saw it).   The following video will, in the very least, make you shake your head and wonder…

Part I

Part II

*I use the parentheses because, of course, the CIA never actually interviewed Curveball directly, rather they relied on information that was passed on to them by the Germans. 

Punchline: “One of the deadliest con-jobs of our time”

Not to mention one of the costliest?

My takeaway on this is the point that the piece didn’t stress enough;  the administration wasn’t that concerned about Curveball’s credibility.   What mattered to them was that they could use the story to make the case for the war.   That was the real “con-job”.  What we’re seeing here is just part of the bigger picture. Political Blogger Alliance