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November 17, 2007

OK, I pulled up my blog this morning and I happened to notice that the good folks at WordPress decided, in their infinite wisdom, to change the layout of the theme that I’ve been using on this site for almost a year now.  Specifically, they chose to pay homage to the original programmer of the “Neat!” motif and include the little flowers that crown the widgets in the sidebar:

“Spectacular”, I thought to myself.  Actually, it was more like “WTF?”.  I searched the WP message boards and found the thread where they were discussing it, and left the following comment:

I’m sorry, but this really sucks for me. I chose this theme almost a year ago based on it’s simplicity. I’ve custom made 15 headers and color coded the images in the widgets and made tables that fit within the sidebar. All this was done under the assumption that there wouldn’t be little flowers in there one day. And needless to say, choosing a different theme would be a heck of a lot of work.

Please, please, please, make this something that I can turn off. I know next to nothing about CSS. I know that this is a free service and everything, but just adding it (especially something effeminate like flowers) back in there unannounced without giving the option to disable it is a pretty raw deal.

Shortly afterward, I started thinking.  Given the fact that it is pretty unlikely that the people at WP will change their mind solely based on my plight, maybe there’s a creative way to handle this.  I’m going to go ahead and assume that those “flowers” aren’t really “flowers”.  Those things are shuriken aka Chinese throwing stars… in motion.  Yep.

So, after some deliberation, a quick search on Google and some quality time with my ancient photoshop program, I’ve made up my mind.  I’m going to ditch the yin yang avatar that I’ve used for years and switch to a throwing star:


I’ve gone ahead and updated all the sites that I used the old yin yang avatar with this new one. 

Flowers?  What flowers?  lol