“Chuck Norris Approved”

November 18, 2007

Here’s a recent campaign ad that gave me a chuckle.  Mike Huckabee brought in Chuck Norris (ranked #71 on The Telegraph’s Top 100 most influential conservatives) to help him out on this one, playing on those infamous satirical “facts” (h/t RedState):

Milking #71 for all he’s got.  Seriously though, this is a pretty memorable ad, and from a marketing standpoint this is probably going to be effective. 

Also, check out the Chuck Norris Random Fact Generator.

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  1. Walker!

    A true American Hero

    -Eric Palmieri


  2. It’s hard to believe he’s 67 years old.

  3. Hey check out on my blog the latest endorser for Huckabee… it’s at the top. Rick Flair!

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