John Bolton Delivers Another Head-Scratcher

November 22, 2007

And when I say “another”, it’s in reference to the Bolton quote I featured here in the Chamber a little while ago.

Today’s nugget is once again on the subject of Iran.  Mr. Bolton, appearing on Hardball, is chiming in on Iran’s possible reaction to an attack on their nuclear facilities (h/t NewsBusters):

JOHN BOLTON: I give the Iranians more credit than you [addressing himself to Matthews] do. I think they’re smart enough to understand that an attack against the nuclear program is not directed against them.

I’m not sure if Bolton actually believes this, or if he’s just saying whatever he thinks he needs to in order to sugarcoat his position (which, needless to say, is quite hawkish). 

It’s hard not to envision that, after an attack, the Iranian state run TV would run clip after clip of burning buildings and lifeless bodies being dragged out from under the rubble.  I’d assume that Ahmadinejad would make sure that the footage played in every TV set in the country, and probably the world.  Does Bolton really think that the Iranians are just going to sit there and collectively think “Well, they were just nuclear facilities.  They had it coming.” or something like that?  I mean, come on

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  1. There is an intellectual level that allows for the comment. The attack is aimed at the facility and the nuke program and is presumably the legitimizing reason for the attack. The fact that one violates sovereign airspace and kills people is the problematic reality that amkes this “nugget” foul.

  2. I don’t know. Iraq and Syria didn’t seem to pissed when Israel bombed their nuclear facilities. Syria hardly said a thing, and Iraq didn’t do anything. But that’s hardly evidence for the future. Afterall, Iran may not equal Syria and Iraq. I just don’t know enough about the internal politics there.

    Just remember: You can’t call the cops if a drug-dealer steals your dope. But you can blow up the drug-dealer.

  3. Ambassador Bolton has a point.

    I mean, Americans didn’t take it as an attack on them when Pearl Harbor was bombed, they saw it as an attack on the US Navy to try to prevent further intervention in China.

    And the Iraqis seem very patient and understanding when we bomb wedding parties and such …

    … Oh, wait … you meant in the real world?

    Yeah … this line about giving the Iranians credit is worded very politically. It’s meant to make any one who DOESN’T want to bomb Iran look like they’re belittling the Iranian people.

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