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Flame Warrior Profile: The Sphinx Vs. Red Tulips

December 11, 2007

For this episode of FWP, I’m going to highlight the very entertaining and perpetual battle between two netizens:  The Sphinx and Red Tulips.


What’s noteworthy about this ongoing feud is the level of honorable and polite debate.  I’ve haven’t witnessed either of these Flame Warriors resort to name-calling or ad hominem attacks, as happens so often on blogs and message boards when push comes to shove.  As for the quality of discourse, we’re not talking about tit-for-tat volleys of short one-liners;  the majority of the responses are thoughtful, thorough, and contain links to back up the argument at hand.  And when it comes to the arena of combat, the blogosphere is their battleground.   The remnants of past exchanges can be found at The Sphinx’s site, Red Tulips’ site, LGF Watch (aka The Dreaded Blog Of Blasphemy) and even here in the Chamber.  

I think Kip put it pretty succinctly:  “Boy, you guys really get into it.”

So, consider this post as a big Boba Fett style nod from CZ.  For those about to blog…I salute you.