Chamber Music

December 14, 2007

Hello Chamber readers!  If you have your computer speakers turned on, you might notice that I’ve added sound to this blog.  Enjoy!

Truth be told, I actually agonized over this decision somewhat.  The Sonific feature has been available to WordPress.com bloggers for a while now, but I noticed that the vast majority of the WP.com sites that I’ve visited in the past don’t use it.  In fact, most blogs in general don’t have sound, probably because it’s viewed as a distraction or… downright annoying.   This was probably the main reason for my hesitation.

Nevertheless, I’m going to give it a try.  After much internal debate, and a significant amount of searching the Sonific library, I finally chose a selection that I feel would enhance the character the Chamber.  I really wanted to stay within the parameters of the theme I’m working with here, so I chose “Sounds of the Chen and Sui Dynasties” by Min Xiao-Fen.  In addition to the fact that this piece delivers the “kung fu movie” feel that I was looking for, I think it’s kinda neat that my handle is included in the title (I had no idea there was a Chen dynasty, incidentally),  along with the added bonus that the album cover even matches the color scheme.   I might add to the playlist; we’ll see.

Anyway, for now, I’ve placed player at the very bottom of the sidebar.  If it’s drivin’ ya nuts, you can click the pause button to stop it.  

Update:  I’ve noticed that the track starts at the beginning whenever you go to a different page or post (or if you refresh the page), so I’ve decided to buffer the track with a sound effect.  That way, if you’re quickly jumping around on the blog you wouldn’t hear the first few seconds of the track each time you clicked (which would sound like a broken record, I suppose).  Instead, you’ll hear a couple of nifty explosions.  Like: Boom!  New page.


  1. I like it. Normally I would also say that it’s distraction, but the buffer is a good idea. It’s also works well because the song is slow and seems like mood music. Good work.

  2. Thanks raps…

    For a bit there I contemplated putting Moonlight Sonata on here, but it didn’t seem to fit.

  3. I’d prefer audio not auto-start. I’m usually listening to something already while reading blogs. Why not just have it paused? If I want to listen to it, I’ll press play.

    As it is, I’ve got to scroll and pause it.

    That said, it’s an interesting piece. So there.

  4. Yea…it can also interfere if someone wants to watch a youtube vid or something too. Plus, I’ve heard the tune a few hundred times now lol I think I’ll switch it.

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