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Hollywood’s* Rambo Is Back

January 6, 2008

You may have seen the ads on TV, but if you weren’t aware, Sly Stallone has directed the 4th Rambo film (called, um, Rambo).  It’s release date is January 25th.

The question that’s probably on many people’s minds is:  Can a 60+ year old man really play an action hero effectively? 


So what happened here?  Did Stallone figure “Well, I got all in-shape for the new Rocky film, so I might as well make another Rambo“?  (before the HGH wears off, anyway).  Oh well, I’ve always liked those old Rambo movies, so maybe the mere existence of an addition to the series will tempt me into the theater, no matter how bad the reviews are or how ridiculous the premise might be.  

I guess we’ll find out if John J. gets a chance “to eat things that would make a billy goat puke”. lol

*(I had to clarify, as I have another post titled Camp Phoenix’s “Rambo”)