Other Obama Endorsements

January 10, 2008

During my daily journey through the political interwebs, I happened to notice that Barack Obama is scoring more and more key nods from various entities (in addition to mine, of course)…

Obama Endorsed by Culinary Workers Union (or to paraphrase Noel Sheppard, “deliciously endorsed“)

Johnson backs Obama (from South Dakota!)

Conrad Endorses Obama (and don’t forget North Dakota)

US Pirate Party Endorses Barack Obama (Arrr!)

Okiedoke endorses Obama for President (um, Okie dokie!)

Air Travelers Association backs Obama (lucky for Clinton, she has her own “Hill-A-Copter“, otherwise she might get her luggage sent to Bangladesh or something)

and last but not least…

Historians for Obama (they know a bad president when they see one, and Obama ain’t it)

Keep ’em coming!

Update:  John Kerry! 

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  1. Hey, does any of this insanity constitute an endorsement? Talk about a collection of negative posts..whew….LGF’s anti-Ron Paul obsession’s got nothing on this one.

  2. It is worth knowing what Obama is doing with regards to Kenya IMO. Even if Pam is a bona fide space cadet, in the very least I’ll give her credit for posting about something that no one else seems to be talking about.

  3. Why did you not mention John Kerry, who also endorsed Barack? Is Kerry the kiss of death?

  4. This guy right here also endorses Obama.

  5. Hey Chenzhen,

    I’ve decided on my avatar. I want to be the ad hominem one!

    Do you figure the race baiting pimp Al Sharpton will be on board for Barack anytime soon? Seriously, nothing against Obama (he’s clean according to the incomparable Joe Biden) besides he attends the black KKKlan version of a church and wants to bomb Pakistan while talking to Iran; can you guys give me a heads up on his list of political accomplishments? The frig appears empty, never mind the culinary workers.

    And I see your frequent guest Lexie, renowned yeast infection of the thread world, is back again! I met her equally gifted brother on another blog tonight. He was demanding no blood for oil, Halliburton evils and something about controlled demolitions carried out by our evil government.

  6. Tex- You’re kind of disappointing me here. The idea is that you pick your own avatar (as mentioned in our last convo). The ad hominem emblem is reserved specifically for individual posts that meet that criteria. So, go to the gravatar site and set yourself up. Whatever email addy that you register with, make sure you use it in the comment form and it will work.

    As for Obama, I realize that he’s been on a fast track. I think the freshness is part of the appeal.

  7. Ah Chen, I was just poking you there. You don’t really think I misunderstood, do you? I didn’t think I rated for the ad hominem. Chen you’re a good guy – humorless, but a nice guy.

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