World Wavers, History Hesitates

January 18, 2008

Make sense?  No? 

Well, according to Rudy Giuliani’s campaign, it should.  Add in the “movie guy” voice-over, along with images from 9/11, and it is intended to resonate, I guess.  Why else would he put this new TV ad on the front page of his site?

“When the world wavered, and history hesitated, Rudy never did.”

What’s going on here?  Is Rudy’s campaign suffering from the writers strike or something?  I mean, if you’re going to (once again) exploit 9/11 for the purposes of bolstering your floundering campaign, one would hope that anyone with better than a elementary level education should be able to come up with a better line than “history hesitated”.   Good grief.

“History hesitated”.  This is going to bug me all day now.  Oh well.  Perhaps, years form now, it might make a good crossword puzzle entry:


44.  history hesitated, he didn’t





(h/t TPMelectioncentral)



  1. Giuliani truly makes my blood boil, and I’m half-italian, so I’m sposed to like this joker! If he wins the nomination I’m voting Obama in the general for sure.

  2. Rudy’s problem is that 9/11 is the only leg he has to stand on. He has failed to rouse the interest of Conservatives so he’s aiming for the people who still see him as “America’s Mayor” and trying to capitalize on people’s emotions regarding 9/11. If he didn’t have that talking point, what would he have?

  3. If he didn’t have that talking point, what would he have?

    Well, in fairness, he did mention his crime fighting skills n stuff in the ad before 9/11 came up.

    BTW- What happened to arclightzero?

  4. Here’s your Youtube fix for the day..

  5. Oh sorry, that wasn’t exactly the video I intended to post. This is the slightly longer and more suitable version for the discussion.

  6. Hmmm.. good question Chen!


  7. True,m he can talk about his mayoral crime fighting skills, but cleaning up New York – while quite a feat – is a far cry from running a country. I mean, his only foreign policy experience was dealing with 9/11… And I’m not even sure that you can count that.

    Oh, and the name change came about because I am trying to add a bit more professionalism to things and I think it makes things seem more legitimate when you use your real name.

  8. hhmmm…real name. I dunno about that one. I’m literally the only one in the world with my name, and I prefer to keep my internet life and personal life seperate. I’d like to call it semi-anonymous.

  9. […] it “World Wavered, History Hesitated“, or did people simply forget about 9/11?  ‘Cause he was there on […]

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