Goodbye Rudy, Tuesday

January 29, 2008

Well, the Florida results are in, and Rudy’s out

The question that is undoubtedly on many people’s minds:  What the heck happened to Giuliani?  I think we’ve just witnessed a campaign roll off a hill, and I’m not quite sure what caused it.  According to most polls, Rudy was the frontrunner for most of 2007, and as late as early December still had double-digit leads over most of the other candidates, including John McCain. 

1/15-17/08 12/3-5/07 11/5-7/07
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John McCain




Mike Huckabee




Mitt Romney




Rudy Giuliani




Fred Thompson




Ron Paul




Other (vol.)




None (vol.)








Newt Gingrich




Sam Brownback




Was it “World Wavered, History Hesitated“, or did people simply forget about 9/11?  ‘Cause he was there on 9/11.


He was there, and he didn’t waver, remember?

Oh  what the heck, one more time… for Rudy…


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  1. Yeah, good riddance you cross dressing RINO!

  2. It was the cross-dressing then? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure there are many who consider McCain to be just RINOish.

    Seriously though, it’s kind of amazing if you think about it.

  3. I think that Giuliani’s biggest problem is that he was the ultimate in one-trick ponies. While Tancredo’s one trick was immigration, Giuliani’s one trick was having existed on 9/11. Not that he did anything, mind you … at least, not that anyone could say he did better than anyone else would have. But he was there when 9/11 happened.

    He was never going to last in a Republican primary. Pro-choice. Gun-grabbing. Suing gun manufacturers!

    His character issues were terrible. To those of us who think of character as more than just whether your name is Clinton, he was a train wreck. Some of us consider philandering an inherent sign of being untrustworthy.

    Sadly, though, I think what really wiped him out is that he wasn’t getting any positive momentum from the early states. He didn’t make headlines, didn’t generate buzz … except as the guy who lost everywhere.

    On the other hand … I’m just as glad to see him go.

  4. The bad thing about him going are all of those votes are now going to go to McCain…
    Huckabee’s will probably go to Mitt,,,
    Mitt needs to figure out a way to tilt it his way… I hope and pray…
    If mcCain gets the nod I may take El Rushbo’s thought and not vote at all
    It would be better to see the country go to shit under a Dem than a Rep…

  5. @ CZ Rudy played the game the wrong way. Just think if he played the whole early show like McCain he might of pulled a better showing off.
    @ TRM Huckabee is McCains tool. Either willingly and purposefully which gives the ordained one a special place in Hell or just simply a drain on the real conservative pool which gives McCain the all powerful 32-38% he’ll garnish throughout.

  6. in2thefray- I think you’re right, and it might have been for reasons that Wickle suggested (buzz), or voters might have been turned off by the fact that Rudy was snubbing the smaller states. It kinda creates the impression that Rudy cared about winning more than actually connecting with the people.

    BTW gang- Sorry about the lame play on the Beatles there in the title. It just popped in my head, so I went for it.

  7. Indiscretions of youth Chen…You mean the Stones.

  8. Whoops! Did I at least get the era right? lol

  9. People woke up realized how much of a jack ass he was. His ship sank weeks ago.

    If I were Treez I would say that the Illuminati would find a way to get him elected anyway, but you know I don’t roll that way…lol

  10. Maybe some people got put off by having the words “Terrorists” and “Terror” stuffed down their throats by the guy.

    Can’t say I’m sad, really 🙂

  11. Chen, no it wasn’t just the crossdressing re: Judy. McCain is a cross dresser too! Calling himself a conservative as he wears his RINO dress!

  12. Chen I think you should somehow “punish” yourself before the entire WPBA for mistaking the Stones for the Beatles.
    Present yourself at the public square tomorrow at noon and take your stoning like a man!! 🙂

  13. Ron Paul killed him in the debates. He proved that Giuliani didn’t know what he was talking about.

  14. …when i think of rudy, i wonder how stupid the
    american public is? don’t answer that! if he fell
    into a relecting pond the carp would think he was
    balled-up wonder bread and the minnows a crumb.

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