The Door Is About To Close On Mike Gravel

February 8, 2008

There’s hope, but let’s face it, crickets and tumbleweeds are the dominant species at Mike Gravel’s campaign website.

The old saying goes “it ain’t over ’till it’s over”, and apparently no one is taking this more to heart than the former U.S. senator from Alaska.  According to CNN, there are still 2053 delegates left in play, and out of the 2025 needed to win the nomination from the Democrats, Gravel has zero.  That’s some pretty serious ground to make up, but he’s still campaigning.  In fact, just Wednesday the students at UC Berkeley were treated by a stop on the tour.  It’s good to see that he’s realistic though:

My campaign has never needed you more than right now.

Umm…no kidding? 

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if, after the voting on Saturday in Nebraska, Louisiana and Washington, Gravel finally calls it quits once it’s statistically impossible. 

Any takers that they won’t realize it?


  1. Maybe Mike Gravel and Alan Keyes can get together for a huge victory party after they each win the nominations …

  2. Nope…Gravel will probably pick up one delegate, and say, “Who cares about statistical impossibility? If this thing goes to a brokered convention, Hillary and Barack delegates will compromise and rally around me!”

  3. Now the site gives a 403.

  4. 403?

  5. Ok, now it doesn’t anymore. Just yesterday you were forbidden to access the server, even via proxy. Strange..

  6. After gaining just 0.1 percent of California’s Democratic vote on Tuesday, Gravel said that he will be remaining in the race until the end.

    Well, I suppose that settles that. Is he hoping for write-ins?

  7. My friend interviewed him on a local radio station and he asked him about quiting because it was all but a done deal…

    Gravel said he didn’t care and he was running until Nov. 3rd. because he had a message that he wants everyone to hear.

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