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Righty Blog Of The Week: Sister Toldjah

February 9, 2008

Just getting something off my chest here, and it’s been a little while since I featured a “blog of the week” (perhaps I shouldn’t use that phrasing, but oh well), so here goes…

You know, I’ve posted thousands of comments on probably hundreds of blogs, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a comment of mine deleted.  That’s right.  Like…ZAP!.  Gone.  I managed to post 1600 comments on LGF (many of them high in snark value) without that happening*, and I swear that was one of Charles’ favorite things to do.  

Anyway, it happened yesterday (twice, in fact) on a blog called Sister Toldjah

Should be called Sister Delete-jah.

Lighten up Sister!

(just for the record, I had coComment turned off for the first post, but it caught the second one)

Update: Honorable mention: The Astute Blogger

Update 4/10/08:  Sister Toldjah responds.  If the comments were being deleted by mistake, I apologise for the jab.