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Rush: Conservative Obama Supporter ‘Obviously A Plant’

February 13, 2008

With the recent shift in momentum that Obama has picked up, it’s no wonder that the conservative pundits everywhere are scrambling to cope with ‘Obamamania’.   In the last few contests, exit polling is showing that Barack is getting votes from virtually every demographic.  Just the other day, I heard Bill Maher tell Larry King that there was even such a thing as “Obama Republicans”, and this was a testament to the senator’s broad appeal.  I hesitated to accept that, but today, while listening to the radio, it appeared that Rush had stumbled across a real live specimen:

RUSH: Jared in Spokane, Washington, you’re first today. Nice to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, thank you, Rush, thanks very much. As I told your screener, I am a conservative in Washington State — in eastern Washington, a more conservative part of the state — and even I am considering voting for Obama just because of the way he communicates; understanding, I know, that a lot of what he says doesn’t have a lot of substance to it. But the reason why —

RUSH: Do you realize what you just said?


RUSH: RUSH: All right, folks, before we get to the Obama speech sound bites, a quick question. How many of you spent some time, as I suggested, processing the last call that we just heard on this program? If you did, let me ask you a question. How do you know that it was a plant? Because it was. That call was so obviously a plant. Am I the only one? Probably so. That’s why I’m host.

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