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CNN’s War On Autism

April 3, 2008

I often have CNN on in the background while blogging on my laptop, and I couldn’t help but notice that since I got home from work, they’ve been talking about autism for the past 2 hours.  Nonstop.  Anderson Cooper, Sanjay Gupta, and, just a few moments ago, Larry King asked the parents of 6 autistic children why they keep reproducing (can I get a *gasp*?).   And here is a current screenshot from the front page of their website:


Look, I’m as sympathetic to the plight of autistic kids and their parents as the next guy, but seriously…2 hours?  Is it Autism Awareness Month or something?  Maybe I should check….

Yep, it is.

But still, what’s going on?  Someone high up in the media food chain obviously made a decision to launch a mini-crusade here.  More searching….


3/14/2008 – CNN Announces Global Coverage for First World Autism Awareness Day Multiplatform Effort Will Report on Science, Intervention and Resources for Parents on Wednesday, April 2(there’s a lot more than just 2 hours)