Send ‘Em To Boot Camp

April 13, 2008

I don’t watch a whole lot of daytime TV anymore, but I was pretty intrigued by this story I discovered over at Skippy’s place:

The TV talk show Dr. Phil McGraw confirmed on Saturday the fact that its staff bailed out of Florida jail one of the girls involved in the violent video posted on YouTube. The video depicted several teen girls beating one of their classmates while filming her.

Mercades Nichols is one of the eight teen girls who face charges in the case of the vicious beating posted on YouTube. She was bailed out by a representative of the show on Friday night, MyFOXTampaBay.com reported.

The bails for the violent girls were set on Friday and they are ranging from $30,000 to $37,000. The girls are aged from 14 to 18.

The bailing out was confirmed via e-mail by Terri Corigliano, a show spokeswoman. In his e-mail, Corigliano explained that the show has previously helped other “guests and potential guests” of the show with different needs, but in this case “certain staff members” who were in the process of booking guests for the Dr. Phil McGraw show went a bit too far and broke the rules of the show.

Initially, I thought that this was pretty outrageous, given the fact that Dr. Phil was essentially giving these kids the fame and notoriety that they had craved by posting this heinous stunt on YouTube in the first place.  The more I thought about it, however, the more I felt that perhaps my views were being tainted by my utter dislike for Dr. Phil himself (I’d say that I had considered him to be one of the top 10 most annoying people on TV, right in front or behind Ryan Seacrest, depending on my mood).  Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I would be OK with this sort of sacrifice to the almighty TV ratings god if, and only if, I knew that after being subjected to a jeering studio audience, the kids would eventually be confronted by this guy:

One comment

  1. Everytime I watch the news I see some teenage kids beaten on someone.The non-parenting parents should be taken to civil court and sued, maybe this way if their wallet are taken a hit for what their kids are doing they might pay more attention to whats going on with their kids.

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