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From Flag Pins To Rev. Wright To Ayers

May 5, 2008

I stopped by memeorandum today and noticed that we may have something of a baton pass in the works, as the media and the blogosphere appears to have gone hoarse from the 24/7 pontificating and debating the cosmic implications of the rhetoric of Obama’s former pastor.  Today’s feature shifts the focus a bit, and it comes with the discovery of a picture that was taken in 2001:

OMG!  He’s stepping on Old Glory!  In 2001!   That’s year 9/11 happened!  Why, Obama is going to pay for this, ’cause he, like, knew him ‘n’ stuff!

I think I’m beginning to see a trend here.  Let’s review the scorecard for the knocks on Obama coming from his opponents:  Flag pin, Rev. Wright, and Bill Ayers.   Next will be Rezco.  I know… people must be saving the attacks on the real ISSUES for later.   Or is this the best they got? 

Speaking of which, a blogger at Just One Minute quips: Reaching? Those Are Warm-Up Stretches 

Lots of details on an unreported link between unrepentant Weatherman Bill Ayers and unforthcoming candidate Barack Obama are at this post, but here is the headline – in 1995 Bill Ayers founded and worked closely with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, first chaired by Barack Obama.

As if the loose Obama-Ayers connection of a charitable organization is just downright damning or something.  Nope, no reaching going on.   We’ve entered a no-reach zone.  Though I love how every blogger and radio pundit uses the phrase “unrepentant terrorist”.  As if to imply that somehow the attacks would be held back a bit if Ayers was repentant.  Yea right.

Somebody let me know if Ayers is on Obama’s advisory board, ’cause at least they had that to work with WRT Wright.   Till then I’ll just be shaking my head.  Sure, Ayers was/is a radical, but until I hear Obama echoing the sentiment…

UpdateH/T to Sphinx on this one.  Oops. Political Blogger Alliance