LOL-Worthy Local TV Spot

May 8, 2008

I listen to the radio personalities on the Twin Cities own KTLK radio just about every day. It’s the local home of national pundits like Hannity, Rush, and Levin, as well as local guys like Chris Baker and Jason Lewis. In other words, it’s a conservative-leaning station dawn ’till dusk bash-fest of all things liberal.  Of course, you wouldn’t have known that based on their brand-new TV spots they’ve been running lately:

click image to watch
click image to watch

As long as “in-depth analysis” of “all the latest news” really means a series of consecutive rants for 3 hours, I suppose the whitewash is acceptable.


  1. General Chen,

    I think you’ve got an inferiority complex – and it is just waiting to be unzipped so the real confident you can appear.

    Face it. You want to be a Conservative. You can feel the force. In your quiet moments you know they are right. You just can’t make yourself admit that you deserve such an honor. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Let go of your inhibitions. We were all young and stupid once.

    Peel off the gift wrapping and leave the dark side young Jedi before it is too late!

  2. Oh Tex, you’re so silly 🙂

    I’ve stated on the blog before that I listen to that stuff for the LOL’s, and maybe I should have expected nothing less from the commercials. These guys are so absurdly partisan, constantly railing against the liberal boogeymen, all the while ignoring the reality that there is plenty of grey out there and people are going to fall on a spectrum (myself included). But no, you either think like Rush or you’re a Marxist that wants to destroy America.

    By the way, couldn’t I say the same about you? I mean, is the reason why you spend a good deal of time on blogs like mine because you’re a closet progressive? C’mon Tex, find your inner Zhen!

  3. General,

    I’m so silly. You’re so naive. For instance:

    By the way, couldn’t I say the same about you? I mean, is the reason why you spend a good deal of time on blogs like mine because you’re a closet progressive?

    I spend a great deal of time on blogs because (1) I’m bored waiting for medical school to start and to be honest it’s only a few minutes a day. I can type fast, when required; (2) I love to laugh at liberals – I would point my fingers and laugh at you if you could see me; (3) Like I’ve said before, it’s like a visit to the dunk tank – the clowns try to insult and you throw the ball at the target and watch them sink. Only here, you get to throw rocks at the dummy’s head.

    The difference between us is I wouldn’t listen to some gawd awful pimp like Randi Rhodes unless I was paid. You, on the other hand, are nice enough to provide a venue for the back and forth. Besides, you’re one of the few liberals I actually care about. Feel flattered.

    There’s only two lefty blogs I even frequent on occasion and that’s here and LGF Watch. Most of the time is spent elsewhere.

  4. I am flattered Tex. Although I’m not sure if I get the dunk tank analogy.

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