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Sasquatch, Atlantis, And The Michelle Obama “Whitey” Video

June 2, 2008

…any of which may or may not exist, but there is plenty of speculation* out there that the now-fabled Michelle Obama video is being guarded by cunning political operatives or locked away in some safety deposit box somewhere, awaiting exposure to the world and to be “activated” at a time of some political Oz’s choosing.  Hannity, for his part, doesn’t disappoint those looking for the most comedic partisan pundit on the radio, and cannot “confirm or deny” that he has such a tape in his possession.  Of course not.

So, having not seen the video (of course) but assuming that it does, in fact, exist, I’m going to put forth one plausible theory.  Mrs. Obama was referring to this:

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*(spearheaded, for the most part, by the wildly pro-Clinton bloggers over at No Quarter, who are probably still dismayed that the laughable “Obama flipped the bird” campaign didn’t stick)