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How-To: Political Blogger Alliance Ping Code

June 17, 2008

After fielding quite a few emails related to questions on the WPPBA ping code, I’ve decided to post a little step-by-step.  I probably should have posted something like this awhile ago, as I’m sure it would have saved myself and others a lot of time, but better late than never I guess.

So…if you are a member of the Alliance and want to use the code (which is nothing more than a package of links to members’ ping pages) for politically-themed posts, the easiest way is to do the following…

First, you’ll notice that my sidebar contains the latest code (yes, I am in charge of the code; I am the General, after all LOL)….COPY IT.  It’s usually easier to do this from another window, so I always open another one when I want to do this.

Second, PASTE the code at the bottom of your post, making sure that you are in “Visual” mode when you do this.

The code will look like this: Political Blogger Alliance

Scroll your cursor over each letter, and you’ll notice that each one represents a link to an Alliance member’s blog.   Click on a letter, and it will take you to that member’s ping page, and display a chronological history of the pings they’ve received in the comments section.  For example, if you click on the “W“, it will take you to my page, and you’ll see that I’ve collected hundreds of them since the code was originally conceived.  All those pingbacks contain links to posts by members of the Alliance.

The idea behind all this is that when you post the code, it notifies those members of your post (as it will show up in the comments section of their ping page, as well as on their wordpress dashboard).

I should also note that, in theory, this should work like a charm, and every member should get a ping.  In practice, however, I’ve noticed that it’s actually quite rare that everyone gets the ping. This is for reasons that neither myself nor the people have been able to figure out, but I still use it because I figure that some is better than none, and it takes only a few seconds to add this to your post.   I have discovered, however, that the more times that you “edit” and “save” your post once the code has been entered, the more it seems that pings tend to go out.  This may be because the system attempts to “re-send” the ping each time one saves, but I’m not sure.

You may also notice that there is only one letter that is left unused, so I may take the time to kick out some members whose blogs are demonstrably dormant, or members who have deleted their ping page.