Mental Gymnastics: Not An Olympic Event (I checked)

June 23, 2008

(OK, OK, so I was watching the Olympic trails, and it inspired the title for this post.  So what?)

Anyway, I just had to bring up this post I saw (and commented on) over at Hot Air:  McCain advisor: A new terror attack would be “a big advantage to him”

Now, before I continue, I suppose I should note that I have addressed this issue before here in the Chamber: What Color Is The Sky On Hillary Clinton’s Home Planet?

I only mention this now because …well…because there’s this phrase that’s etched into my brain.  It’s “NO ATTACKS SINCE 9/11”.  This probably comes to me so quickly since, as a brave traveller of the political rightosphere, I’ve heard it dozens of times.   The phrase has been effective, apparently, as it had somehow permeated and invaded Mrs. Clinton’s brain as well (however many fallacies inherent), but the reason why I title this post the way I have is because…well…because it would mentally take a perfect-10 triple-backflip with a stuck dismount to somehow reconcile this phrase with the now de-facto notion* that another attack on the US would be beneficial to the side that has spouted it with such confidence.

I mean, how in the hell can both the lack of attacks and an attack be a political advantage? 

*just see the comments section of that Hot Air post


  1. Well, it’s simple. The GOP is perceived as being more militant against terrorism. So, they claim, and are to some extant given credit, for exporting a can of whoop ass to militant Islam (For some reason the millennial attacks thwarted by Clinton are never mentioned.) Now, if the fanatical nut cases happen to pull another attack off, Americans will want more whoop ass exported.

    Chen, you are no Yossarian and this is not a feather in your cap.

  2. dead rabbit-

    Exported to, say, another country that had nothin to do with it? One would think we’d be wise to this, but perhaps not.

    In any case, you mentioned perception, and I think that is the operative word here. Do people stop and think about it? I’m not sure. But I guess I’m making the observation that the GOP has somehow put itself into the enviable position of being the stronger party on this issue, even if the 9/11 attack happened on Bush’s watch and while they try to confuse the electorate into thinking that Obama said he wanted to “invade” Pakistan. But I guess I see your point on the ass whooping part. The mind says it doesn’t make sense, but the reality is if it were to happen, people would want someone to lash out at…someone. Kinda weird because we’re talking about the difference between our perception of how people would respond and how they should respond. Tricky.

    BTW- I’m not sure if a “feather in my cap” was what I was going for here, but I’ll admit that I hadn’t heard the term Yossarian and I had to look that up.

  3. General,

    You want a great example of liberal mental gymnastics? Here, I’ll give you one – another famous disconnect between you Obama types and the way the world really works.

    Obama wants to remove the cap on FICA. That means anything earned above 100,000 will be taxed an additional 6.5% for both the employee and employer.

    Now just last night I heard an Obama shill, a campaign manager whose name escapes me, on FOX say that the economy is terrible (A consensus estimate is that the full employment rate of unemployment is currently between 4.5 and 5.0 percent of the labor force being unemployed – see link below). Since the current unemployment rate is 5.5%, the campaign manager can loosely be defined as ill-informed and another babbling idiot.


    When challenged why the shill believes the economy is bad, and I quote, “Wages have not kept up with inflation.”

    Now even you lefties who are completely brain dead concerning economics (amongst a whole host of other things) should recognize that when corporations are forced to pay an additional tax of 6.5% on any wage above 100K, the last thing they are going to do is raise salaries significantly. In fact, the chances are very good that a typical corporation’s next move will be to eliminate jobs and start cutting costs, including reducing health coverage – especially the service industry.

    So you want to talk about a mental gymastics? About an exercise in a complete disconnect between political speak and reality? Your emperor and his ideas have no clothes. But if unattainable campaign promises to fool the masses of clueless dumbasses were an Olympic event, you guys would sweep the medal count.

  4. Tex-

    Ya know, this comment is a good example of why I think you’d make a decent blogger. You’re making an argument and backing it up with links n stuff. Sure, you’re a little heavy on the pejoratives, but I think you offer your own unique style and insight. Sign up on wordpress.com, and I’d add you to the Alliance first thing.

    That said…

    Am I safe to assume that your changing the subject is acknowledgement that I’ve made a good point here?

  5. General,

    Ya know, this comment is a good example of why I think you’d make a decent blogger.

    You don’t really think I give my best stab at supporting my arguments here, do you? 🙂 But thank you for the left-handed compliment. That was off that top of my head and the pejoratives were to irritate and simply make fun because libs hate to be laughed at, you being the exception to the rule. In their insecurity, they want to be taken seriously because in their circles, that’s what counts.

    I never delve too deep General because it would be a waste of my time and feel too much like constructing a dissertation. The link was only provided because I knew in my heart of hearts a bunch of young libs that frequent your board wouldn’t have a clue to what I was talking about considering “full employment” @4-5% unemployment; and you guys would have been squawking your heads off about something like ” Huh Huh Huh, Tex thinks full employment means 5% unemployment. Huh huh huh…he’s so dumb Tex doesn’t understand zero! Huh huh huh.”

    In all seriousness my friend, I made this statement once to my mother after I completed my MBA about 1,000 years ago. She asked me if it was worthwhile since it required spending many a night while working full time in a professional position. I said, “I suppose any education is worthwhile. And if you’re sitting in a room full of other overeducated professional types, then it makes for really boring conversation. You don’t get anything done because you analyze things to death (like our gov’t). Otherwise, nobody knows what you’re talking about or cares because you too have become a bore. It is not the way the real world works. It is the way the gov’t works and the results show as much.”

    And that is exactly why our government has become so ineffective. All these Ivy league educated types are so “intellectual”, they don’t have a clue how to get things done. The real world is quick and dirty, cut corners if safety isn’t an issue. What America desperately needs is some wisdom in its government and only common folks can provide that. But common folk have neither the resources, the time, nor are they willing to be dragged thru the mud to get there. So they don’t run.

    Chen, this may surprise you but the best people I have ever met, or at least the wisest? Many had little formal education – but they did have a huge dose of horse sense, basic tenets of morality, love for family, friends and country, and a can do attitude.


    Your retort and your fairness are good examples of why you’re one of the few lefties I actually like. For some reason, I do find your responses funny, sometimes even when you’re not attempting to be funny. You, I could call friend. People like Ugly Kay, Fat Matt, Rutherford, and the worst of the worst – that cowardly, censoring Revolting Puke. Guaranteed major-league losers…

    Am I safe to assume that your changing the subject is acknowledgement that I’ve made a good point here?

    That would be the big negative, good buddy. You give the American public far too much credit for deep thinking and rational thought. Why do you think Dancing with the Stars and American Idol (two shows I have never seen) are top rated? Because 70% of America is too busy entertaining themselves to be involved. Why do think most Americans live way beyond their means, are in debt up to their eyeballs, and are now calling on your messiah to save them? Arrested development, juvenile habits, and little self-restraint. Obama policies will simply make their little world worse. You watch.

    To answer your question, virtually all citizens recognize that most Dimocratic men at their core are wienies. They talk a big game, that’s all. When you’re frightened, you don’t want metrosexuals, a pundit, an artist, a Berkeleyite, a talking head, or some light in the loafers guarding your door front and back door.

    But an oil derrick worker with a 12 gauge? An ex-marine with an attitude? You’re neighbor with the deer rifle and a portable skeet shooter in the back? Now you’re cooking.

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