Obama Couldn’t Possibly Have Another Compound

June 24, 2008


“Obamabots” (this one even has its own wp.com tag)


“Obamanation” (complete with Urban Dictionary entry)



“Obamanuts” (not to be confused with “Obamanauts”)


“Obamamania” (with the obvious variation “Obamamaniac”, naturally)



“Obamarama” (yep, its own site)


WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance

Update: I was wrong. There are more!

“Obamaholic” (h/t WPPBA member Christopher)

*slaps forehed*  Of course!








  1. And there’s this one:


    Coined by The Field Negro from the blog of the same name.

    I love “Obamaholics.” Shit, I am one! 🙂

  2. That’s what you get when you’re stupid enough to have your name end with a vowel!

  3. Hmmm … Maybe we should see who has more compounding, Huckabee or Obama.

    I did hear someone refer to “Obamarama,” which had a catchy ring to it.

  4. Damn, I spotted another one today. I’ll keep adding them; let’s see how big this depot gets!

  5. […] The Obamamobile? July 11, 2008 I thought I’d post an addendum to my “Obama compounds” thread, and highlight one more I spotted.  This one, however, might be a little less […]

  6. Barack Obama – I Did Not Flip Flop!


  7. Hey Chen, hope you are doing well. To the person upthread, I have heard or seen the term “Huckabots”.

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