Rush Limbaugh, “Sticking It” To All Of Us

June 25, 2008

I’m pretty sure that I made a promise here at some point that I wasn’t going to mention Rush anymore, but I was cruising along on my way to work today and heard something that made my jaw drop a little.  Here’s the relevant portion of the transcript:

Here is McCain lauding his intent to have a green government, and then they point out, he’s a hypocrite. I wish somebody would do a study on my cars. I mean, this is nothing. I got in my car the other day and I drove — there goes Dawn covering her — I’m not going to tell you which one. It doesn’t matter. I got in the car, I had to drive down to Miami for the weekend. I wanted to go to the Kobe Club in Miami. I had been in the one in New York. So I drove down there, checked in the hotel, stayed overnight and got all those doodads on the dashboard that tell me — your car does, too — the range you’ve got based on the gas in the tank and what miles per gallon you’re getting and so forth. Twelve on the highway, 12, I think it was 12.8 on the highway. I said, yes!


RUSH: All right, all right. Many of you might think I’m obnoxious, those of you just tuning in who don’t know me as the audience knows and loves me, you might think why am I going, “Yes! Yes!” when I see that my hog car is only getting 12 miles per gallon on the highway. Because I just love sticking it to the environmentalists. I am not an conformist. I just love sticking it to these people who want to interrupt my choices and my freedom. If I’m willing to pay for whatever happens and I’m not violating any law, it’s none of their business to tell me what I can and can’t drive and what I should and shouldn’t drive, and I’m not going to allow these kind of left-wing wacko kooks make me feel guilty about enjoying life. So there.

Good grief.  This is a guy who always insists that the high gasoline prices we now face are due to strict economics. Supply and demand. So what does he do?  He blathers on about how he’s doing his part to mess up the curve, thinking he’s “sticking it to the environmentalists” and undoubtedly trying to influence his audience of however many millions of listeners to do their part as well (he does like to talk about how influential he is, in case you don’t tune in regularly).

So I’ll just say that, no Rush, you’re not sticking it to the environmentalists.  According to your supply and demand argument, you’re sticking it to all of us.  Sure, I can’t tell you what you can drive and what you can’t, but I can tell you that you’re a jackass.

Update:  I forgot to mention that I originally broke this news to my hypermiler pals over at cleanMPG.com, and the reaction is decidedly mixed.  I gave Rush the “Jerk Of The Day” award.

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  1. Well said. I have many conservative bents – but Limbaugh is an embarrassment to any conservative leaning person.

  2. Thanks abbeyroad69, I know that a lot of Rush’s livelihood comes from a reliance on people like me tuning in and giving the egomaniac attention, but I figured its a mindset that’s prevalent out there and this is a good way to attack it.

    Now, time for an exit question: What the hell could he have been driving that only gets 12.8 mpg on the highway? A friggin fully-loaded dump truck?

  3. You mean there is a thread where I am going to agree with General Chen and tell Rush he’s wrong and in his own unique way aiding and abetting our enemy? You mean that I am going to be forced to admit that Rush Limbaugh, one of the funniest and wisest politicians on the planet, has in this one case been out thought by the Master of the Chamber?

    I think I’m going to cry…

    P.S. – Chen, what does one of those huge Lincoln Navigator things get? I can’t see Limbaugh driving a Hummer.

    And Abbeyroad, Limbaugh was a true conservative before you were born. He didn’t establish an audience five times bigger than Bill O’Reilly’s for nothing. All true conservatives owe Rush Limbaugh a debt of gratitude. Sounds like your conservative bent pulls a louie back to center.

  4. Ass Limbo admitted on his show the other day that he doesn’t even walk a mile a year. No wonder he’s a fat bastard!

    Tex, Ass Limbo’s show has plummeted. He’s down to 5-10 million listeners (they represent the Cro Magnon part of society) when a year or so ago he had 20 million. That said, he does represent the true conservative:

    A draft dodger
    A liar
    A faker
    Points fingers at everyone to put blame
    Never is accountable for their own criminal behavior
    Etc., etc., etc.

    In other words, he’s exactly what 80% of Americans despise right now! Ha ha.

  5. When one listens to Limbaugh without thinking one deserves what they get. The guy is an entertainer and just like Olbermann and Mathews he is irrelevant. People that listen to any of these idiots and pray at their alters are idiots also.
    Kay none of those things are descriptive of a true conservative. Neither Rush or Bush represent true conservatives.

  6. I used to tell people that I was driving a fuel-hog car lots of miles for one reason – the faster we burn up the world’s oil, the sooner we will be force to find an alternative clean source of energy.

    That was before $4 per gallon gas and global warming. Oh well.

  7. Alfie- with all due respect, let’s not confuse the idea that he should be irrelevant because he’s a paid entertainer with the reality. Cause I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but he actually got people to come out and vote for Hillary. Who knows how many, but many of those primary contests were close enough to make Rush a possible deciding factor. He’s got millions of listeners, and a fair amount of them are fiercely devoted to him (sadly). There is a “Rush factor”, and I suppose we could debate the magnitude, but I’d dispute that one could just dismiss it as “irrelevant”.

    Tex- I’ll hold off on giving myself the wonder palm. lol

    BTW- If you want to know the EPA estimated MPG on just about any vehicle 1985 or newer, go to http://fueleconomy.gov/

    My guess is that he was driving the Maybach. Or, more accurately, being driven in.

  8. Uh, tex, unless Limbaugh was a serious conservative at the ripe age of ten, then you assume as much as Limbaough does on his shows.

    Limbaugh presents superficial characterizations (even though he makes claims to doing in depth work), uses skewed, flawed or just plain incorrect statistics to support his arguments, and engages in childish name calling (see “Ad Hominem” link to the right). Limbaugh himself has admitted he is more an entertainer selling advertising, than he is a serious political commentator.

    It is true I am no longer a staunch conservative. I once was. Even then, when I listened to Limbaugh’s “golden microphone”, I has aghast at the poor research and presentations he made. Yes, I am more center leaning now. But that is a choice I made after MUCH contemplation – and is not the result of blather splattered about by a personality more inclined to worry about his ratings than plumbing the depths of his personal beliefs.

    However, Al Gore makes Limbaugh almost look good in comparison . . .

  9. Rush Limbaugh likes to say that he knows everything about the Founding Fathers and reveres them.

    Ben Franklin: “Waste not, want not.”

    I guess he missed that one.

    Sadly, I do have to disagree (respectfully) with Alfie about Limbaugh being irrelevant. I wish that he was, but I know people who actually quote him and believe what he says.

    As for Kay’s comment … well, … I’m sure she amuses herself with her little cheap shots.

  10. Chen & Wickle no offense taken. Irrelevant is perhaps too strong a word. I guess my thinking is that people that listen to Rush or Olbermann and nod their heads in fervent agreement don’t need a Rush or Olbermann to be the way they are. Oh well-have a great weekend everyone I’ve got bills to pay and a new Nikon to have some fun with.

  11. 12 Miles a gallon? That’s about 30 liters per 100 Kilometers, isn’t it? Good luck to the average redneck hillbilly wanting to stick it to the environmentalists. He may be his own undoing.

  12. abaris-

    Yep, 12 MPG on the highway is about as bad as it gets. In fact, its hard to find vehicles that are that poor. A Mercedes-Benz G 55 AMG is another one of those rarities.

  13. Good point, Chen.

    Yeah Rush, celebrate wasteful decadence to make a sophomoric “freedom” argument.

    That being said, just as Rush has a right to mouth off like a moron, he also has a right to pointlessly burn oil.

    Man, would my Grandpappy have ever given that wastfull, fat pig a spanking.

  14. Hi Dead Rabbit,

    I agree with you, up till the “has a right to pointlessly burn oil” comment. Strictly, you are correct; however, IMHO, i think oil is a strategic economic and military commodity, and should be treated as such.

    I believe oil is running out. Demand is high, and production is tapering off. Industry needs the oil more than the consumer, to keep the economy healthy. Likewise, the military’s need for oil is obvious. So, if oil is running low, who needs to give – yes, I believe the consumer needs to give up this “right”.

    There is no “right” to waste strategic resources. Personal freedom does not include such a right. My thoughts on this (as well as a shameless plug/blog pimping) are found at:



  15. No, the consumer doesn’t have to give. The industry has to give the consumer the opportunity of choice. They have to make alternative energies available.

    Sadly though, as long as there’s a whole lot of money to be made without any possibility to make the choice, oil will be the primary ressource. And it has nothing to do with a free market and only a limited connection with supply and demand. It’s a virtual market, run by wildcatters, who live out of everybodies pockets.

  16. Sorry, there’s no edit option. So here’s an afterthought: Oil is a strategic ressource because it is made a strategic ressource. Alternatives are readily available. But there’s no economical interest, because the oil bed is too soft for a whole lot of money makers.

  17. abaris- that’s as good a segway into my next thread as any.

    Coming right up…

  18. Here’s the epitome of a complete jackass and total dope:

    Tex, Ass Limbo’s show has plummeted. He’s down to 5-10 million listeners (they represent the Cro Magnon part of society) when a year or so ago he had 20 million. That said, he does represent the true conservative:

    followed by…


    Great call there Ugly Kay! Here’s the complete package about the value of your opinions. And as for you calling anybody Cro Magnon, you got to be shitting me?

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