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The Obamamobile?

July 11, 2008

I thought I’d post an addendum to my “Obama compounds” thread, and highlight one more I spotted.  This one, however, might be a little less ambiguous: Analysis: Obama could get mileage from NASCAR

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The political and sporting worlds collided Friday afternoon when CNN’s sister publication, Sports Illustrated, reported that Sen. Barack Obama is considering sponsoring a car in a NASCAR race next month.


But isn’t exposure what this is all about? If Obama decides to do it, he will get great media attention for entering the world of NASCAR, and not just from the pack of political journalists following the race — that is, the race for the White House. He’d also get attention from sports reporters and commentators who cover the race — that is, auto racing. It’s not a bad way to reach out to voters who may not be following the campaign daily.

I’d be inclined to agree with Mark Preston’s analysis; this is a brilliant idea on many levels.  One question is whether the network that covers the race will give it the buzz, or if they will instructed to treat it like any other sponsor on any other car, and virtually ignore it.   Another is the intuitive one, which is, how well will the car itself perform?   If the driver is able to spend a good portion of the race in the top 10, then it will get a lot more exposure.  If it trails the majority of the race, a viewer might not even notice that its there.    I’ll have to check the odds in Vegas before the race, I guess.   The last question would be what effect a wreck might have.  If one is to assume that the majority of the fans at the race lean right…would the crowd cheer if the Obamamobile hits the wall at 150?   I suppose it wouldn’t matter since, luckily for Obama, the roar of the engines takes the crowd out of it for the TV audience.

Exit question: What dynamic is created if McCain follows suit? Political Blogger Alliance