Can You Drive 55?

July 13, 2008

Sen. John Warner (R-Virginia) recently proposed that Congress consider reinstating the 55 mph national speed limit (as they did in the 70’s in response to the Arab oil embargo), citing the ability to collectively conserve gas and reduce the strain that the prices of it are putting on the country.

I suppose the pertinent question would be that, even if they did, would people ignore it? 

(you really won’t get the full experience of this post unless you hit play, BTW)

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’d be able to handle it…

For starters, I believe that one of the main reasons why I was able to achieve 32.28 MPG (135% of the EPA’s ratings) on my last tank in the Cougar was because of my strict adherence to the posted speed limits (60 mph for 90% of my commute), instead of my speeding ways of the past.  This sensitivity to the consequences of aerodynamic drag has saved me a lot of gas (and money) over the past few months, so considering the fact that this proposal would mean that the speed traveled in my daily jaunt would decrease by only another 5 mph, I decided to take a closer look at the math and try to quantify my additional sacrifice in time if this were to happen (as this would presumably be at the heart of the complaining that would inevitably follow):

My commute consists of about 20 hwy miles, so the math at 60 miles in 60 minutes is pretty easy.  Adjusted for 55 mph, I get a time of just under 22 minutes (Time=distance/speed, or if you’re bad at algebra, see a calculator), meaning I’d arrive at work ~ 2 minutes later than usual.  And on an annual basis, 5 days/week at 52 weeks/year with 4 minutes added to my round trip would cost me about 17 hours. 

Big deal?

Nah.  I’ll look at it as more LOL’s, ’cause I’d get 17 more hours of conservative talk radio, inspiring more Chamber material, and therefore… more fun for everyone!

Go Sen. Warner!

As for the rest of the nation, however, who knows?


  1. Somebody had to do it…

  2. Is that YOU Tex?

  3. Is that YOU Tex?

    LOL! Well General, I would like to think I’ve got a set but having a death wish, well…I tend to shy away.

    How did you like the 135mph wheelie?

  4. You sure that wasn’t kilometers?

  5. Yes, it was kilometers. And you look at the speedometer closely, when he lets the wheels down, it reads 214.

    I guess I lied – make it 133mph.

  6. Not sure what he topped out at because the speed pegs at 299 – at least 185mph.

    Figured he was still getting better gas mileage than that SUV parked in my driveway.

  7. Yea I wouldn’t doubt it Tex.

    On topic though, do you think its a good idea? Would you obey the limit?

  8. General,

    On topic though, do you think its a good idea? Would you obey the limit?

    I’ll be honest. When it was 55, I drove 64. Though not a bad idea, 55 is too slow on an interstate built to handle 75mph speeds and everyone I knew before the law was revoked (in I believe 1987) thought so too. I might adhere to 65 or somewhere in between. There’s no doubt you do get a 5-10% increase in gas mileage doing so.

  9. Ooooh Chen….I must admit, I like a good engine and a stick shift. I have to feel at one with the car. I have an automatic at the moment that we’re trading in very soon, and my main priority is that my new car have manual t. See, this is where my environmentalism crashes into one of my greatest desires, to drive everywhere jetting between the enormous SUVs where I live like lightning and shifting the gears.

    It’s only natural I guess…my 1st car was a hand-me-down Toyota Supra (which I miss terribly) and then another hand-me-down Saab 9000 Turbo. Dad just kept giving me cool cars when I was young. So no, I cannot drive 55. Unless the marked speed limit is 35-45; in those cases then yes, I can stay at 55…barely!

  10. Hey General Chen,

    Sorry to go way off topic here but the thread is so slow I took the chance.

    In your honor today, I did something I hardly ever do: listen to AM radio. I thought about you today as I listened to Rush and Sean. And that leads me to my question.

    After all these years, I still think Rush Limbaugh funny and informative. However, as a conservative and it pains me to ask this question but I must know…

    I am sure Sean Hannity a great guy and possibly a lot like me, but why do you find him entertaining? I was bored to tears.

  11. You obviously didn’t hear any of the “great American” stuff. Its hilarious.

    BTW- Like the new gravatar.

  12. You obviously didn’t hear any of the “great American” stuff. Its hilarious.

    I know this will stun your liberal friends who frequent here and picture all of us yahoo conservatives with a Bush 2000 bumper sticker on the pickup, 12 gauge shot gun in the rack, and a set of deer antlers on the hood, but I haven’t listened to that AM stuff in years. Limbaugh was pretty, damn funny today.

    Rush was using Dianne Feinstein as an example when she was being asked as “a subject matter expert” about petroleum. And Rush asked a fair question that could be attributable to all pols.

    What is it exactly that makes any of them an “expert” in a field they have absolutely no previous experience and a law degree once elected to Congress? Rush may be the only person I’ve listened to even more cynical than me of the entire government charade. He played one of Feinstein’s sound bites and made her sound like a complete dolt and she was. It was great!

    I guess I don’t know what the “great American” stuff is. I’ll have to tune in if I don’t fall asleep at the wheel first.

  13. Many of the callers heap praise on Hannity by delivering the “you’re a Great American” line before anything else. Its a sort of broadcast kissing of the feet. One caller the other day opened with “you’re a good American”. Hannity was taken aback, like “Wh-wh-what?”. Friggin hilarious.

    Or Fortune’s take:

    “sure-fire formula: if you agree with his conservative worldview, you’re deemed a ‘great American.’ If you don’t, you’re a pusillanimous blame-America-lib, who might as well pledge allegiance to France”

    BTW- I do have a recent thread for good ol’ Sean around here somewhere. Oh yea here.

  14. I can’t stand Hannity politically, especially lately, but I must say that he is seriously one of the most down to earth and sweetest men I’ve ever met. Long story and all, but he is truly a helpful, kind human being in person and not the pit bull he is on his shows. Not even close.

  15. Lex,

    I can’t stand Hannity politically, especially lately, but I must say that he is seriously one of the most down to earth and sweetest men I’ve ever met.

    I suspect Sean is a good guy. I am sure I would like him but he and his TV show bore me to no end.

    What’s funny Lex is that could have been me describing you and Chen from your quote above. Politically, I think you a couple of lost dolts, but you’re two of the few marxists who actually has a personality and is probably fun in real life.

    We could be neighbors without war…

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