Introducing ChenZhen’s New Blog!

July 22, 2008

Well, its technically a blog…

It’s ChenZhen’s Diggs!

Now, I say its technically a blog because it uses the wordpress.com site and has a comments section and all that, but its main purpose is to serve as a link aggregator for Digg (appropriately, I chose the Digg 3 column theme).  Since Digg makes is easy to generate RSS feeds for everything, I can track topics, websites and even other Digg members’ activity right in the sidebar.  So, the “blog” is really just a tool that I (or, now, anyone else) can use, and it pretty much runs on autopilot.  And since there appears to be a higher maximum number of RSS feeds with the Digg theme (the Chamber’s theme only allows a maximum of 9), I can really go nuts with it.

Anyway, I just made it public today and I will continue to tweak it as I see fit, but for the time being I’m using it to have a little fun with my old pals at LGF.  You see, Charles and the gang appear to be quite hypersensitive when it comes to what happens with their material over there.  Also, I’ll admit that, every once and awhile, I miss being able to comment on LGF itself.  So, I figured the next best thing would be to hit up the other lizard “wannabes” over on the Digg threads on occasion.   But the main thing keeping me from doing it in the past was the extra work required to find the threads themselves.  So, now, thanks to the robust interactive and community-based features that Digg provides, I just made an RSS feed so I can dive right in anytime I feel like it:

Or, if I choose, I can track the aforementioned “wannabes” (there are quite a few of them, actually):

I gotta think that knowing you’re being tracked could be a little irritating, but oh well.  As I brave warrior of the interwebs, I’ve prepared myself for the repercussions.   In the very least, it should make my involvement with Digg a lot more interesting.


  1. Wow…I can barely figure out how to add anything to my sidebar much less add Digg java-script or anything. Sticking around your blog is educational as well as fun and refreshing.

    BTW, Sphinx just told me that you even hosted a Sharmuta debate here a while back. Now that I’d have loved to see;)

    Glad to see the new blog, see you on Digg which I finally re-joined.

  2. Congratulations General…

    I never envisioned my leftist friend going incognito as Mr. Poopypants was so talented.

    Now if I can just unwire that leftist skewed bundle of synapses and rewire them in correct order (conservative like), you’ll be a real asset to the cause.

  3. It’s not hard at all, actually. No javascript required. All you have to do is enter the RSS url into the widget and you’re in business.

    The adventures of “Mr. Poopypants”, on the other hand, was a stroke of genius. 😉

    Also, I should note that I sent a rather long-winded email to the gang at GCP about why they should bash LGF on Digg if they’re going to do their usual bashing. I’m not sure how it was received, but I gave them the link to the CZ Diggs blog nevertheless. We’ll see how it goes.

    BTW- Lex, the Sharmuta vs. Sphinx thing was here.

  4. I’m not sure how it was received, but I gave them the link to the CZ Diggs blog nevertheless. We’ll see how it goes.

    Well, General Chen I went and took a look. And you are mentioned. And I only have two words about your request: Not Well. 🙂

    But their suggestions were equally as funny as your idea.

    And in defense of you, I actually thought you’d had another stroke of genius if I am understanding your question – that is, if sticking to Charlie J. is your thing, what a great idea!

    Obviously, they don’t have the patience I do in dealing with the dark side, nor do they appreciate your warped sense of humor like I do.

  5. I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I don’t even understand what “dig” is.

  6. Tex-

    I have received an email from a GCPer who liked it, so I guess I can take comfort that the feeling isn’t unanimous. LOL Actually, the idea probably would have gotten a better reception if it wasn’t me delivering it. Grudges and all that.

    Oh well, as the movie line goes, “If you build it, they will come”. So, I built it.

  7. Tex, you really epitomize my idea of “two-party thinking”. Can you ever not pose your thoughts in terms of left vs. right? I know you’re joking a bit with Chen calling him your leftist friend and all, but you assume the same of me while we probably share at least some political/social views. Come on Tex, give me a chance.

  8. Lex,

    I know humor is a difficult concept across a wire, but I was only teasing the General. Just as most of the time, I am only teasing you.

    Besides, my time grows short in wasting time on the net and I have to get in as many cheap shots as possible.

  9. LOL Tex, I was hoping you were just chidin’ me and knew you were with Chen. I know what you mean though. Honestly, I have a plane to catch and here I am commenting back to you fine folks!

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