Official Chamber “Generation Kill” Thread

July 27, 2008

You know, I was going to cancel my HBO subscription (and save myself $12 a month) because all the good Sunday shows appear to have disappeared, but I thought I’d hang on to it a little longer to give this one a chance.

Click image for HBO’s official site

I’ve watched the first 2 episodes now, and I gotta say that so far it’s pretty entertaining.  Here’s the extended trailer:

The series is based on the book written by embedded Rolling Stone reporter Evan Wright.

My favorite character so far would probably be Lt. Nate Fick (video profile), an honor he earned in episode 1 when CPL Ray Person asked him about a silly rumor of Jennifer Lopez’s demise.  Fick looked at him and appeared to look as if he was about to bust out laughing, but quickly composed himself and cooly responded:

“Ray, the battalion commander offered no sit-rep as to J-Lo’s status”

Anyway, I just thought I’d create a thread to discuss the show, since I plan on watching all of the episodes now.  I’ll add no more updates here in the main thread (spoiler concerns), so I’ll open it to the comment section.


  1. Chen–are the troops portrayed positively? I also didn’t ditch my introductory-offer-now-expired HBO subscription, but haven’t watched this yet. Heck, I could still watch Rome constantly. I’ll try to watch, I just feel really weird about anything that would show them in a negative light (that is fictional). The ads seemed that way; they seemed like the ‘Marines’ in “Aliens”.

  2. Lex-

    So far I’d say that it portrays the operation of the military as dysfunctional (albeit from the perspective of this particular unit, during the first days/weeks of the Iraq invasion), and the character of many of the marines as cold-blooded. Innocent civilians being thrown to the death squads, shot, air bombed etc., incompetence (almost to the point of being comical), and plenty of hollow bravado. There are several characters who are level-headed, and actions that are admirable, but overall I’d say that the scenes that would leave any objective observer shaking their head in disbelief every few minutes outweigh anything else. One definitely gets the impression that there wasn’t much of a plan going in there.

    Also, keep in mind that its the work of the Rolling Stone reporter that was embedded with these troops, however. Its all told from his perspective.

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