Flame Warrior Profile: JammieWearingFool

August 2, 2008

I know its been a little while since my last FWP post, but I’m going to assure my readers that this one isn’t borne out of some need to include a token entry or create some drama out of nothing.   You see, after years of commenting on blogs and message boards and perusing the political web, I’ve posted thousands of comments on literally hundreds of sites.  And in all my travels, I’d only been banned from one site (LGF).  Well, now, that tally has risen to two, as last night I was apparently deemed unworthy of commenting on JammieWearingFool’s blog (a netizen, as it should be noted in the interest of full disclosure, who is also an active member of LGF). 

So, if I had to choose the Flame Warrior variant that best represents Mr. Fool (or JWF, as is commonly seen), it would probably be Xenophobe:

Xenophobe is usually a long-term discussion forum participant and he thinks of the forum as his private compound. Xenophobe regards new forum arrivals as mentally deficient and perhaps even having criminal tendencies, and they are invariably approached with suspicion and condescension. Xenophobe will mount a furious attack if a Newbie has the temerity to make critical observations about the forum’s social dynamics, or questions its prevailing opinions.

As I I take a few seconds to ponder further, however, I come to the conclusion that perhaps Xenophobe doesn’t accurately encapsulate JWF’s persona.   In fact, its more likely that Mr. Fool is just simply an absolute wuss, and unable to handle someone dissecting their logic.   Or, it could be that JWF felt predisposed to ban me all along (as a loyal LGF sycophant, which of course is also indicative of wussitude), and I had reached a last straw.  In any case, I’m banned, and it happened on this thread:

As you can see from the screencap, I’m no longer able to post on the site.  What the screencap doesn’t capture, however, is the fact that I had responded to Mr. Fool’s comment.   In other words, as far as any visitor to the site is concerned, JWF had the last word and there’s no indication that anything has been deleted.  But unfortunately for Mr. Fool, I use coComment, and it remembers everything:

Lost a battle of wits?  No problem!  Just ban and delete! 

No wonder the JWF site averages < 1 comment per thread.

Oh well, I’m going to take the banishment as a badge of honor and JWF’s concession of weakness and defeat, and take the liberty of awarding myself the Wonder Palm:

I pity the Fool.

(and BTW, if JWF feels the need to comment on this thread, you have my personal assurance that no bans will be handed down.   Not my style.)

Update:  I noticed that JWF declined to respond here, opting rather to post a comment in the aforementioned thread on wuss HQ.  So, I decided to change my ISP for one last hurrah:


  1. yeah,
    I have only banned one person in all my time, and it was because he couldn’t seem to come to an understanding that racial epitaphs are no-no’s. I have warned many a person though.

  2. I’ve never really had the problem. I figure that I’ve got the emblems and occasionally I’ll be forced to edit a comment, but I’d prefer not to ban people.

    JWF was certainly familiar with me from my days at LGF, but I had only posted a handful of comments on his site over the last year or so, so its not like I’d have been viewed as some sort of persistent pest.

    Maybe its the throwing star? I’ve been told its rather intimidating.

  3. LOL on the “last hurrah.”

    Off Topic:

    Hey Chen, are you being vetted for Obama’s VP?

    I saw that you 2 are on a first-name basis, and it is obvious that you have been advising him on the gasoline crisis, because he is sure pushing your “inflate your tires” energy program.

    C’mon, you can tell us. Are we looking at an Obama/Zhen ticket?

  4. RP-

    Obama hasn’t gone so far as to advocate weight reduction like, say, pulling out a passenger seat, has he?

    Seriously though, I kinda wish I had been advising him.

  5. Well General,

    It is weak on Jammie’s behalf which in my opinion, is dumb if you’re going to debate. I simply quit going there from boredom, even though Jammie and I would generally be on the same side of most political issues. That’s what became of LGF.

    However, tell me how JFW differs from say the Ugly Kay, RutherfordL, or especially the Revolting Puke who disallow any form of disagreement straying from the pinko, I mean leftist dogma?

    Both sides have their share of pansies…

  6. General,

    I just noticed the pictures and looked thru most of the categories…funny as hell. I found myself in so many of them, I couldn’t decide which one I was.

    I know this: I found you in the picture


  7. You’re just noticing the flame warrior variants now Tex? LOL Several of them have been in my sidebar since the beginning, and I’ve had this “Flame Warrior Profile” theme on quite a few posts (by far the one that has had the most hits was the one on Rayra). They are really classic, and fitting for so many (although they were initially drawn up to describe inhabitants of a message board, but many of these apply to bloggers as well).

    And Tex, are you saying that you’ve been banned and/or deleted on those blogs you refer to?

  8. General,

    Guess I’m not very observant – I thought the pictures funny here on the Chamber but I had no idea what they represented. I had never clicked on any of them so I didn’t even realize what they were.

    Anyway, that gave me a good laugh. Best laugh I’ve had in a while on the internet.

  9. Oh, I forgot to answer your question…the only blog I know I am banned from is Charlie’s. I wouldn’t bother to grace UglyKay’s blog but once – to look at the personals was terrifying enough. The Puke kept censoring me but there’s ways around that if I had wanted to pursue it bad enough.

  10. Tex-

    …the only blog I know I am banned from is Charlie’s.

    A statement that could no doubt be made by hundreds of netizens at this point.

  11. General,

    A statement that could no doubt be made by hundreds of netizens at this point.

    Yes, I understand that LGF has become the Stepford Lizards now…

    Glad I’m gone and though I miss some of the posters, so many of them followed me out (you included) that I probably wouldn’t recognize the place.

  12. Well, sure. I miss Killgore. CJ has made an example of enough people that I’m sure he figures he risks banishment dropping by here. I mean, its paranoia and guilt by association on steroids over there. People have been banned for posting on the wrong blog, linking to the wrong post on their own blog, searching for the wrong thing, etc. Its like a friggin totalitarian state. So, as far as JWF goes, maybe he had hoped to score some brownie points with the head lizard by banning me, or perhaps it was done out of some perceived (or real) intimidation. I dunno for sure, but I can see that playing out. On the other hand, Thanos has a blog, and I stop by there every so often without incident.

    Of the banned lizards, BabbaZee has let bygones be bygones, and I’ve been chatting a few times over on her site with the likes of DesertSage and many others. The GCPers, however, well, you know about them.

    Anyway, my point stands. I’m still able to comment on sites like Sister Toldjah and Astute Bloggers even after I featured them in FWP posts (former was borne from a misunderstanding on my part, the latter was a reaction to some pretty sleazy and juvenile tactics). And even though I’d like to know the hows and whys of your censorship at those WPPBA sites you mentioned, at least you weren’t banned outright.

    I don’t recall ever insulting or speaking ill of JWF up until this point (in fact, I think I gave him a tip once), and unless he wants to elaborate on the “number of reasons” why he decided to block me, a wuss he shall be considered.

  13. Jammie Wearing Fool is a particularly odious species of lizardoid – I don’t know if “Xenophobe” best describes him – perhaps I’ll look through the rogues gallery for a better fit.

    I was also banned from his website, although for a better reason – shamelessly pimping my blog.

    But Jammie Wearing Fool broke one of the basic net rules with me back in January. I had the temerity to post on his site and he responded by publishing my IP location information, both on his own blog and on LGF (I believe that Charles deleted it, although I’m not sure about that). As a result, in February 2007 I noisily exited from LGF for a period of several months. JWF was actually taken to task by WriterMom and others for his breach, but was unrepentant.

    As I said, a loathsome species of lizardoid and netizen.

  14. Gordon-

    I was also banned from his website, although for a better reason – shamelessly pimping my blog.

    I certainly don’t think that’s a good reason to ban someone (assuming its not some automated thing), although I’ve given blog pimpers plenty of crap around here. The direction I went was to develop the “blog pimp” emblem.

  15. Dang Chen, we need to hit up “The Astute Bloggers” again, eh? No better place to get deleted quickly…LOL.

  16. […] I know I can push bloggers’ buttons sometimes, and on a couple of occasions it has gotten me banished by the more sensitive types.  This one, however, is just plain […]

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