Wild PUMA’s On The Prowl

August 11, 2008

I’ve come across some pretty bitter netizens during my travels through the political web, but some of the disgruntled Clinton supporters who have dubbed themselves PUMA’s (Party Unity, My Ass) have to win some sort of award for their high concentration of focused and unhinged spite.

Back in April, I first noticed that the hub of this rancor appeared to be centered around Hillary supporter Larry Johnson’s No Quarter blog, represented by a flurry of posts accusing Obama of slyly giving Hillary an obscene gesture at a speech (see Chamber entry Obligatory “Obama Flipped Hillary The Bird” Post).   The premise was silly, and the theory subsequently debunked, but little did I know that this was just the beginning.   After all, in June, I used some space here to comment on the still unseen Michelle Obama “whitey” video, which, last I heard, Johnson is still insisting exists. 

Now fast-forward to yesterday, when I followed a few links to land on No Quarter groupie TexasDarlin’s site, and found this little nugget: Obama’s Dual Citizenship Disaster: an Overview

Now, I’d like to expand this by offering up a little excerpt of the content, but in the transparently desperate attempt to be taken seriously, TexasDarlin has included about a half dozen paragraphs of “disclaimers” and “copyrights” attached to both the post and the blog itself, so I sit here hoping that I won’t be served with legal papers for simply providing the link.  Well, I guess there’s the copyright thing, and the fact that the ‘Darlin appears to have an extreme paranoia with regards to being “outed’ by “stalkers”, but since “mocking” is a far cry from “stalking”, I’ll continue.  In short, this latest volley of undoubtedly sleep-depriving attempts at spreading disinformation alleges that Obama’s birth certificate is fake, that his real name is Barry Soetoro, and that he’s not eligible to be running for president.

Note to the rabid PUMA’s:  No one is taking you seriously*.  You can add all the disclaimers and copyright notices that you want, but that credibility check has been cashed months ago, and it’s been stamped NSF.  Forget the claims of being backed up by mysterious sources and anonymous “computer forensic experts”, at this point you’re just being laughed at.  Hillary lost, and concocting wild theories about Obama isn’t going to change that. 

Exit question for the PUMA’s:  If you asked Clinton to comment on all this, do you really think that the response would be anything other than a disapproving shake of her head?  I mean, really.

WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance

conspiracy.gifNote to Chamber readers:  Don’t bother commenting over at TexasDarlin’s blog if you plan on challenging any of that.  It won’t make it past her moderation.  You see, it’s much better for the propaganda if it appears that everyone agrees with you. 

For more fisking and play-by-play of TD’s antics, check out this site.

*I did wonder to myself for a moment why I should give any attention to this, as it would serve to add some sort of legitimacy based on perceived worthiness of comment, but the stupid assertions appear to have gone viral.

Update: More background on the origin and major players in the BO birth certificate myth by Patrick McKinnon at Taylor Marsh’s blog.

There seem to be a couple main sources for this constant myth. The biggest are the formerly sane “NoQuarter”, and the blog of PUMA “TexasDarlin”. “TexasDarlin” is the one who cross-posts the latest round of myths to “NoQuarter” as the old ones get busted. However, the Conservative blog “Atlas Shrugs” is another source, as well as the right-wing “Israel Insider” and one of the supposed “experts” that “TexasDarlin” uses is on Townhall.com

On the debunking side, you have “Koyaan” of Koyann’s Weblog, Dr. Neal Krawetz of “HackerFactor”, (and a widely recognized computer forensics and security expert). PUMA Joseph Cannon of “Cannonfire” has become a vocal critic of the people promoting this myth, (and feels they’re damaging PUMA’s cause). “AJ Strata” of the right-wing blog “Strata-Sphere” is where I got the term “Cult of the COLB” to start with.

So in a nutshell, you have a mix of some PUMA sites and some right-wing sites promoting the myth, and a mix of anti-PUMA, pro-PUMA, left-wing, and right-wing sites debunking it.

All I have to say is, when you’re a Hillary supporter looking for back-up from Atlas Shrugs, you might have issues.


  1. Yep, I too tried commenting on several of these PUMA blogs, none got through. Guess the truth hurts them.

  2. Yes, in fact the actual PUMApac website only allows you to comment if you join the group, and if you join, they then count you as one of their membership and put you down as one of the supporters in their angry e-mail campaigns to harass congressmen.

  3. I have tried to comment on one or two of those type of blogs (one was pagan power) and no luck myself either.

    I wonder if some of these blogs are really run by Republicans in sheep clothes?

  4. MJ,

    I’m afraid that that’s probably wishful thinking. While the “Operation Chaos” crowd might do such a thing, I’m afraid that you get a lot of that speculation — some Ron Paul supporters said that the obnoxious Ron Paul supporters were really trolls from other candidates, Obama supporters have speculated that obnoxious Obama supporters were really Clinton supporters or Republicans, and so on. I’m inclined to believe that the PUMA’s are just jerks and idiots, but Democratic jerks and idiots.

    By the way, ChenZhen, this post falls under the heading of review and commentary (or possibly parody, depending on how you handle the excerpt), so the Copyright laws automatically grant you Fair Use of a certain percentage of the text, no matter what warnings TexasDarlin puts up.


    (Yes, I have a bookmark to Title 17 … I’m a dweeb, remember?)

    Frankly, I think that most bloggers (and in that I include myself) humor themselves if they think that they need to pursue legal protection of their content.

  5. Nice job pointing out the contradictions. I never bothered to comment on TD’s site. Read the comments — they rail on about people who don’t agree and how those comments are moderated. There is no reasoning with the group on her blog. I’ll save my breath (and irritation).

  6. Gawd, I love it when hypocrites like the Revolting Puke squawk about censorship…somebody go out to the Puke’s blog and post something that doesn’t fit the pagan line and see what happens…


  7. Wickle, you are probably right and the sites have so much traffic since there are few outlets for ignorant Democrats unlike for misguided right wingers. 🙂

    Look at the top blogs today for WordPress…

    1.) a black celebrity and their kids site

    2.) a site devoted to some Asian teen gay boy band

    3.) conspiracy site for Hillary fans who can’t let go

    4.) some dude that disagrees with 95% of the world’s scientists on climate change

    All you need is a niche idea for a blog and no matter if it’s even BS you will have tens of thousands of followers.

  8. Puke,

    and the sites have so much traffic since there are few outlets for ignorant Democrats unlike for misguided right wingers.

    That’s what blogs like yours are for… 🙂

  9. some dude that disagrees with 95% of the world’s scientists on climate change

    What exactly does “climate change” mean? What a classic ignorant line! LOL

    What? Somewhere out there, 5% of ignorant population doesn’t understand the difference between summer and winter? I’ll bet they work at the library.

  10. I’m proud to say I have added Darragh Murphy, a PUMA big wig to my John McCain Woman Haters Club. Her “Hardball” appearance nearly made me put my fist through the TV screen.


    1. Contrary to what Obamabots say …
    Obama and Hillary were in a dead heat,
    when the DNC pressured Hillary into not
    only conceding, but campaigning for Obama.
    2. Obama is once again in a dead heat, but now
    with McCain, even though Obamabots act like
    Obama has already won (like they did in the
    primaries against Hillary). So, this means that
    half of the Democrats, and all the Republicans
    (3/4 of America) dIdn’t want Obama. Plus, he
    didn’t even win the popular vote, and refused a
    revote in Michigan and Florida.
    3. Obama has the thinnest resume in politics, and
    he won state legislature and Senator by
    disqualifications of his opponents, not by earned
    experience, or votes.
    4. Obama’s one claim to fame is being a community
    organizer, where he boasts of registering voters.
    Then he took their votes away from them, by
    disqualifying his opponents on technicalities, prior
    to the election.
    5. Obama’s mentor of 20 years, was an anti-American
    racist … not to mention other unsavory associations.
    6. Obama is simply buying the election, since he’s
    good at fund raising … hardly a qualification to be
    President of the United States.
    7. The media never vetted Obama, and they are
    giving him a free ride, plus more than twice the
    print and air time as McCain, as they did against
    8. 90% of blacks are voting for Obama, because he is
    black, while the campaign gained ground by
    accusing most opponents of racism.
    9. Obamabots were, and are extremely nasty and sarcastic
    towards Hillary supporters, as well as McCain supporters.
    10. Pumas should be applauded for putting country before party …
    especially a party that did not represent them, and a party
    which highjacked the nomination for Obama.
    11. Obama added insult to injury, when he didn’t even consider
    Hillary for V.P. … nor did he even call her … even though she
    got 18 million votes in the primary.
    12. Obama and the DNC are now holding a gun to the heads of
    Hillary and Bill Clinton, giving them an ultimatum … either support
    Obama, or kiss your future in the DNC and politics goodbye.

    P.S. Michelle Obama subjected her two young children to anti-American racists … Jeremiah Wright, Farrakahn, Pfleiger, and others
    at the black liberation Trinity church in Chicago, for several years. Is this who you want for first lady … I don’t think so !!

  12. Hannity, is that YOU?

  13. […] supported Hillary Clinton in the primaries, is, and has always been, warily dismissed as a myth or ridiculed by those deliriously supporting Barack Obama.  Because PUMA is a loose-knit coalition of websites […]

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