In Search Of The Chamber

August 13, 2008

The good people at wordpress.com recently added some additional enhancements to the statistics that are available to those of us that use the service.  After doing some playing around with the new features, there was one statistic in particular that jumped out at me:

click to enlarge

Since the creation of this blog back in January ’07, a there has been a total of 1,280 hits from netizens entering the search term “chenzhen’s chamber”.

Now, I’m not quite sure what to make of that.  Either the Chamber’s fame has spread a bit and has slowly become a destination for an increasing amount of lurkers, or I’ve got one or two regular readers who haven’t figured out how to bookmark or add the blog to their favorites. (If its the latter, I’ll assume that you know who you are. I’d like to help, so go ahead and send me an email via the contact form.  There is no shame.)


  1. It’s probably also the name of some kinky S&M porn site, and that is what they are really looking for.


  2. maybe ChenZhen means something in another language like Chinese or something and people are putting that into the google and getting your site.

    here’s an artist named Chen Zhen

    and here’s a song done in Chinese that i like……

  3. anyway….. it looks like my last post probably went to your moderation cue because it had two links….. but this looks like a very nice blog and i bookmarked it. Later CZ….

  4. are you sure you don’t have your moderator on?

  5. So how did you find me ghost?

  6. i saw you post over at Sister Toldjah, so I came over here…..

  7. Oh OK.

    BTW- Not sure why the heck my spam filter doesn’t like you.

  8. i don’t know….. i wouldn’t try to antagonize it….

  9. it looks like your spam filter still doesn’t like me….

  10. I have no questions on bookmarks, but since we are on the subject of being inquisitive – how are people putting RSS feeds of WordPress Political Blog postings into their sidebars? And if I had that would I still need my seperate WPPBA ping page?

  11. cloak-

    how are people putting RSS feeds of WordPress Political Blog postings into their sidebars?

    What you’re talking about is the feed for the “wordpress political blogs” tag. Go to the tag page:


    and you’ll find the link for the RSS feed in the right hand side of the page. Its nice to have as an active member of the Alliance, since both you and visitors (Tex uses it all the time) can see the recent entries from other members.

    And if I had that would I still need my seperate WPPBA ping page?

    The ping page is kind of a seperate thing altogether. Its just a different way of notifying other members that you’ve posted, in a more active way (since the pings will show up in their dashboards and in their comments). Like I stated in the other thread, it doesn’t always work for everybody (for some reason), so I think that the tag is the more important thing at this point (because it always works, and the tag page keeps a chronological record of everyone’s posts). Many of us use both, since its easy to add.

  12. Thanks for the response! What do I do with the actual link itself in order to create the list to post? Is that done through feedburner somehow?

  13. cloak-

    just plug the url for the feed into an RSS widget for your sidebar, if I understand the question.

  14. Yup, you did. I guess I hadn’t seen that widget before…but it’s up now. Thanks!

  15. I can’t recall how I found you, Chen.

    It’s all a blur after a while. It seems that most of the people on my blogroll came about as a result of people posting on my blog, so a link exchange just seemed natural enough.

    I do know WordPress devotes an inordinate amount of time on things that seems rather useless to me and not terribly beneficial. I mean, how many times do they need to change the dashboard? Just create one that people like, is user friendly and stick with it.

  16. Well, I saw Tex have a nice little debate at Wickle’s site and was quite impressed. He (Tex) invited Wickle to come over to “General Chen’s” anytime for discussion. I thought maybe your site was some sort of forum for Christian debate. So I left a comment asking how to find this “General Chen” guy, and no one ever answered my question, at least not last time I looked. And I looked several times. Anyway, I was pretty excited when you commented on Wickle’s olympics post, because I could finally come and see what you had going. I really like the way you write, but I don’t tolerate bad language well, or sexual humor, or a lot of other things. Oh well, you probably wouldn’t want a woman hanging around anyway.

    BUT! I did not do any searches on “chenzhen’s chamber,” although I would have if I had known the name. I agree that search stat is pretty interesting.

  17. Oops … sorry, Farrah. I must have missed that comment. Sorry about that.

    If this was the thread I think it was, I got so frustrated with the thread hijack that I just quit reading it myself, and nearly deleted the post.


    As to CZ’s original question … I think that you found me.

    I have, however, found a number of people searching for “Wickle” in search terms. It turns out, the word is used in a few other places, and also as baby talk or “little.” Sigh …

  18. Rather amusing opinion

    P.S. Please review icons

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