September 3, 2008

Uh Oh…

After the Palin acceptance speech this evening, Reid spokesman Jim Manley categorized her speech as “shrill and sarcastic political attacks“.

First, for the record:


1. high-pitched and piercing in sound quality: a shrill cry.
2. producing such a sound.
3. full of or characterized by such a sound: shrill music.
4. betraying some strong emotion or attitude in an exaggerated amount, as antagonism or defensiveness.
5. marked by great intensity; keen: the shrill, incandescent light of the exploding bomb.

Second, I would guess that Reid felt obligated to respond, since he was called out personally in the speech:

Harry Reid, the majority of the current do-nothing Senate … he not long ago summed up his feelings about our nominee. He said, quote, “I can’t stand John McCain.”

Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps no accolade we hear this week is better proof that we’ve chosen the right man.

Clearly, what the majority leader was driving at is that he can’t stand up to John McCain and that is only…

… that’s only one more reason to take the maverick out of the Senate, put him in the White House.

The consensus among the CNN pundits was sort of a “they better be careful with that”, implying that it can be spun as a sexist remark.   But having watched the speech live, I decided that Sarah Palin does sound a little like the Church Lady.  “Shrill” might not have been the word I would have chosen, but hey, judge for yourself:

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Exit question: Could the “shrill” charge come from a more ironic source than from someone named “Manley”?


  1. I’m getting tired of these pundits in the media talking about sexism. Look at how many male pundits shrilled all over Hillary. Meh….

    Palin, like GWB, is all hat and no cattle. 🙂

    She made a low blow when she minimized Obama’s work in the community. He worked hand in hand with the people on the street. That impresses me. Palin sitting in a leather chair doesn’t. The Alaskans are still in debt, aren’t they?

    To be frank, I can’t stand the woman. She’s articulate and confident. I’ll give her that.

  2. Barack told the media to lay off her family. What a class act. Tonight she rewards Obama by slamming him in the ground…No Class at all. Sen. Palin gave a good speech tonight and she has put the blood in the water. When the sharks attack she can’t cry now…

    I voted Republican in the last 3 elections, this time I will be voting Democrat. Palin you still haven’t swayed me at all. To the Republican party your scare tactics will not work this time…I’m not idiot this time.

  3. Obama a class act, you think!! the only reason he is telling people to lay off her family is to protect Michelle Obama from further scrutiny for her abrasive and unpatriotic rhetoric and Joe Biden’s sons legal problems, it has nothing to do with any compassion for Sarah Palins family.

  4. JC.

    Voted Republican the last three elections? Give me a break! Nice campaign ad! The women kicked butt tonight and has the liberal kook aid crowd running big time. But, I digress, it is early. She must be a big burr under your saddle though. It really is quite funny though.

  5. The only thing I learned this evening is that I now know where all the “bitter” people are.

    I thought it was a shamefully juvenile display. What about issues?

    McCain and the gop just don’t get it – this is exactly what the American electorate is tired of.

    If they had any dignity, they’d be ashamed.

  6. Yea Jilli, we were treated te a barrage of zingers, and not much substance. Good to get roars out of the GOP crowd at the Xcel Center, but not a lot about what they’re really going to do.

    I watched it again. Maybe the word is “snarky”? Or “snide”?

  7. I agree Dems have to be careful with their choice of words. That said, I found it quite hypocritcal of Campbell Brown to be the first to jump on sexism bandwagon (“shrill”) when just a few days ago she called McCain’s rep “baby”, and when Wolf brought it to her attention, she called him “sweetie” (he wasn’t amused). She defended that she’s from the south but it’s not like she just fell off the turnip wagon. She can’t have it both ways!

  8. Honestly I don’t know what speech you watched but Govenor Palin had plenty to say about the issues, she was very articulate, as far as any juvenile display that comment is blatantly ridiculous and one made by Obama supporters who are seething with anger that this govenor has significant accomplishments and the substance and ability to take on the old boys club and change what Obama has yet to only talk about.

  9. I guess it must be difficult after having been treated to so much hollow rhetoric at the DNC to recognize and swallow the not-so subtleties of the Republican platform and the harsh realities of someone who isn’t selling bottled sugar water labeled ‘hope’ but bitter medicine that is long overdue.

    In between those ‘zingers, barbs, and jabs that made you groupies squirm was the beginnings of a true display of what will keep of a Republican in the Oval Office, a return to the principles that the nation was founded on–that is a government ruled by the people not a people ruled by the government.

    Sarah Palin didn’t look tonight like someone who will pale under the spotlight of scrutiny that is sure to follow, but you Dem’s would be foolish to keep it on her because it will only reveal the sincerity of her character and show that she’s more than just a speech. And when America see’s what you’ll unwittingly show them–Mission Accomplished. Try again in four.

    Eight if she’s moved to the top of the ticket by the oft-cited misfortune you’re too quick to hope for; yeah, about that…did you see Mother McCain tonight? The McCain blood seems to, if nothing else, have more than its share longevity.

  10. “Shrill” is a word used often by Republicans to talk about both Male and Female Democrats, e.g. “The Democrats are getting shrill over this.” Often used by Hannity and Rush.

    Funny that CNN people don’t know that.

  11. I agree – this comment about Democrats need to watch their step is reverse PC if there ever was one.

    The speech was harsh and her demanor condescending.

    Shrill is a word, not a slander. She was shrill.

    The reality is that if she wants to play this way, she needs to be ready to take the hit.

    We don’t millionaire women. like Carly Fiona, trying to protect her little fanny as those this was some sort of game of corporate politics like she use to play at HP.

    No, this about a woman who will send your children into war because she does not know of any other options.

    Sexist indeed. All of this from the party of Lee Atwater (who introduced Willie Horton) and that great protector of women’s integrity and rights – Clarence Thomas.

  12. That’s the word I was looking for. I knew something was off with the speech besides the petty attacks. She criticized community organizing? what a mistake.

  13. I thought it was shrill as well and I thought Gulliani was even more so. Not sure how this is going to play out, however looking through many blogs, comment pages, unscientific polls, most people (probably non repubs) seem tot hink the speeches were just really nasty beyond bad taste.

    They treated Obama as if they were 10 year olds slamming a kid in grade school they didn’t like. That’s not what independents are looking for. There was not one plan mentioned about how they would move anyone forward, not one. By now in the Democratic convention, some pundits were complaining that Dems were giving too many policy speeches and not enough “red meat” or unification stuff (seemed to be more than enough anyways). The closest they got was Palin talking about ethics and they still never said a plan on how to reform ethics. How do you go two days without one policy and all “McCain is a PoW, Obama, the media and liberals are stupid elitist running the country (huh?), vote Republican (who have been running the country)”? After eight years in government, things going down the toilet, how can they say nothing on issues?

    As a side not, I couldn’t believe they critized community organizing either, like it was some hippie activism. Those are the people on the front line of communities everywhere and most don’t get rewards out of it except the work they have done. From helping the homeless, the jobless, kids without rolemodels etc, these are people in America anyone could rally around. This is the other patriotic America and you don’t have to be a soldier in order to sacrifice for your country. These are the people most Mayors honor, not critize.

  14. Saheed-

    She criticized community organizing?

    Good example. Since when was it cool to throw community organizers under the bus? I guess they won’t be voting Republican this year.

  15. WOW – millions of Americans are saying look out Joe Biden – where has she been hiding. America has found their Margaret Thatcher. Millions will now be asking WWSD? What Would Sarah Do?

  16. are u kidding me

    great speech, formidable candidate but still very inexperienced. the tone of her speech and that of guiliani was tasteless and divisive. it showed no class. barack gave her much respect and she did not return the favor. hillary we need you. you are the only one who can go after her without getting criticized. dems take the gloves off you are in the fight of your lives.

    america wake up: john mccain more of the same!

  17. Just don’t CROSS HER or, for that matter, disagree with her!!

    She’ll be calling the FBI, the CIA, the Special Forces to tell them about your uncut grass and past history of littering; she hire Blackwater to put a tail on you to catch you running Stop Signs and driving over the Speed Limit; she’ll call your employer to notify them that you skipped church services on Sunday to play golf; etc.. etc. etc..

    She’s like George Bush 3rd in that GOD has put her in this position to fulfill her mission to convert or crush the unchristian, godless masses.

  18. Obviously she can take the heat, as she has the past week. And she came back with fire and now the dems are complaining. It’s obvious the GOP and Palin has scared the democrats..

  19. It is sad to see a woman who is bright and articulate being used by GOP men to garner women votes so that they can continue with another 4 years of Bush. Even more sad that she doesn’t see it. She was a last minute desperation pick for the GOP. In this feminist world, I never thought that I would see a woman used so politically. New Flash, we can see through your scheme Grumpy Old Men. While you can pull the wool over one woman’s eye, millions will not be fooled. We are too liberated in this 21st Century!

  20. Anyone who spends as much time with Nancy Pelosi as Harry Reid does really should be immune to anyone’s shrill.

    @Virgomonkey: And Obama insults Sarah Palin by calling her mayor of “Wasilly,” and not recognizing that she is actually the governor of the state of Alaska. Her comment was pure turnabout. Barack Obama and his grey-haired bulldog Joe Biden had better get used to dealing with someone who has teeth.

    It’s obvious by some of the comments here that the woman has the left a bit frightened. That’s understandable. Last night you saw the same thing that Republicans saw a few years ago, when a bright young star in the Democratic party gave a powerful speech that eventually propelled him 1 step away from the nation’s highest office. Last night you saw the future of the conservative Republican movement. It’s alive and well, folks.

  21. wah wah wah cry all over your blue hankies why don’t you. It’s politics you tools so it’s gonna be divisive and ugly.You piss and moan about Palin now did you whine as loud when the gentleman from Nevada said what he said about the gentleman from Arizona ?
    Obama is probably the best and harshest critic of his time as a community organizer in his first book. At the end of the day community organizers are no higher on the food chain than the next person so the reverence some of you hold them in is lame. Number one way a community organizer succeeds ? Gets into the mayor or governors office and gets some freaking crumbs off the tax payers table.btw Barry never was the one passing out the crumbs.
    CNN is out of line or perhaps right in line with the talking points memo they obviously have been handed by someone.Palin made a lot of great points and was well within the lines of fair play under realpolitik.
    As for issues both sides have lengthy platforms the masses can pour over but that isn’t how it really works. Meanwhile Biden starts a townhall tour whilst Obama still refuses to townhall w/ McCain. Obama talks issues in Ohio (a headline I saw somewhere this am) and starting this weekend the GOP will begin their criss crossing issues tours.
    JC : 3 time GOP voter…I don’t think so. Also this entire cycle from the Dems has been a surrogate based pissing match so BO looks angelic. He’ll have to be willing to get a little dirty or else people will successfully label him a wuss.
    Sha: feminist nation ? where the hell you living. The only good thing about Palin is that she stands tall for what she believes in AND happens to be a woman. Not that she is only a woman or only stands for women or is trying to be either a little girl or tough broad. She just is and that is perhaps why the MSM and all the pundits are having such a tizzy.

  22. Living in America Alfie! Palin standing tall but short on substance, and has the right to believe whatever. That’s her perogative. But, they will be making decisions that will affect not mine, but all AMERICAN LIVES! I am awaiting the presale of Air Force Two! I believe in Sex Education because our scientist haven’t found a cure for AIDS! There goes the cost of health care. AIDS is killing our young and War is eroding our nation population with over 4100 young men and women lives sacrificed for an unwarranted war. How many more flag-draped coffins do you want to see returned to us? You just don’t get it!

  23. Sarah Palin makes the comedy team of Hussein, Robinette & Dingy Harry look like a trio of metro-sexual man-boys.

  24. Its hilarious to see the libs get their panties all in a wad over Sarah Palin. This demonstrates that McCain made the right choice and will electrify the Republican election turn-out.

  25. Listen to her speak. Her voice is shrill. It’s a fact. If anyone watched her speech last night, they know it is a fact, too.

  26. http://www.newsminer.com/news/2008/sep/03/gop-attacks-praise-stretch-truth/


    People, Do your research. She went on national TV and lied just as her republican friends have done. Its too bad the people she needs to reach the most are not dumb enough to just take her words as fact.

  27. I find it interesting that the primary comparison to Sarah Palin is Obama. Comparing a VP candidate to a Presidental candidate: a sign of how weak the Democratic ticket really is?

    And don’t forget: Obama didn’t do a whole lot of decision making in the Illinois senate. Oh, well, so much for his experience.

  28. Sha you seem to be moving the goal posts. My comment to you was questioning where exactly the “feminist world” is/was.This world isn’t.Merkel for example is where she is because of a lot more than her gender and so is Palin.
    As for decisions affecting people that cuts both ways.
    Air Force 2 on e-Bay,awesome idea and by all means let’s make sure the USAF piloted tax payer funded bird Pelosi uses for herself and her lobbyists buddy gets thrown in as a bonus.
    The scientists haven’t found a cure for pregnancy either but I’m curious about yours (and others) ideas on sex ed. Should it be a how to kind of thing or an honest science & reality backed discussion. I actually support the latter.
    AIDS is far from killing our young unless you mean the 30-50 demo,and that in fact carries on through the world with locales living on varying ends of the equation.AIDS via sex is pretty much not a teen to 30 issue except for rape victims and such in Africa.Sadly US stats routinely consider case groups as 13 yo + which paints an inaccurate picture.
    4100+ people out of organizations comprised of less than 2% of our population is hardly a speed bump on the road of life.
    Someone doesn’t get “it” and I don’t think it’s me.

  29. Women like Palin are the reason I now post happily at blogs like this one. I do NOT want her answering the phone at 2AM, dammit!

    Wait, was there anything about Obama she forgot to criticize last night? I seemed to catch everything out of her sorry trap except for references to Kenya or his daughters. Who aren’t pregnant. Ughhhhh…..it scares me Chen, the creepy woman scares me….

    Biden’s going to splatter her in the debate though, that’s one thing to look forward to. Heeheehee.

  30. Alfie, diplomacy works! Dialogue before agression is what I strive for. At least through dialogue I can see your point and still hold onto mine! True democracy. Have a nice day!

  31. Lex VP’s don’t get the 2 am call,they get briefed at breakfast.
    Palin has been described by a local radio guy here (Boston) as a hand grenade.She’s going to blow up someone either Obama or McCain. I’m buying that.

  32. Well the posts moved yet again. I never said diplomacy doesn’t work. John McCain is also a proponent of a new entity- League of Democracies. Realpolitik is reality and allows for people to hold different views. The real world also presents cases where nations attempt to hold something other than ideas and sometimes reveals a flaw in diplomacy only approaches.I wish you well.

  33. republicans, 1 month ago:

    “Obama’s a great speaker, but where’s the meat? He hasn’t said anything about the issues”

    democrats, now:

    “Palin’s a great speaker, but where’s the meat? She hasn’t said anything about the issues”

    Just an ironic observation. Politics is fun.

  34. Let’s face it, Harry Reid is an embarrassment to the Senate. He not only doesn’t have the guts to stand up to John McCain, he “slams” Palin through an intermediary. Look out, Senator Reid, this is no lady to call down to a duel. She’ll hang your carcass with the moosehead n her cooking classes.

  35. Reid, dean, kennedy and pelosi have been such a disgrace to our democratic party. Their large hatred for the Clintons ruined the entire party this year…shoving this arrogant, sexist, racist, nasty person down our throats has been disrespectful for what the party was set up for. They selected someone to be their puppet, knowing he was not good for the voters. We are not ready to become a communist country….we LOVE OUR FREEDOMS….something that they are trying to take from us….we can not stand for it. She was great, this democrat is going McCain/ Palen

  36. Ever since the Palin announcement, Chen has almost become obsessed with Palin, yet in very superficial ways. Was she “shrill” during her speech? Was she picked because she was a woman? When did she give birth?

    Wow Chen, you sound like my apolitical fishing buddies when they rip Hillary.

    Chen apolitical? It truly may be the apocalypse.

  37. JC… you voted Republican the last three elections? Are you sure you know who you voted for? Sarah Palin is “Gov. Palin” not Sen. Palin. I bet you’re from Dade County, Florida…..

  38. rabbit-

    Well, what can I say. At this point, I can’t help but wonder if I’m in some parallel universe where beauty queens are mocking community organizers. But I digress…

    -My first post was about dissecting the rationale for McCain’s pick.

    -The “banned” post was related to Palin, sure, but it was more of a highlight of my interactions with other bloggers (something readers would see all the time here in the Chamber; just click the “flame warriors” tag).

    -Now with this post, I found myself watching CNN when that “shrill” comment was aired, and I decided to post a thread about whether it could be construed as sexist or whatnot. Superficial and/or apolitical? Sure, maybe. But more substantive debates, like Palin’s apparent flip-flop on the “bridge to nowhere” (and the fact that she dishonestly mentioned it yet again in this speech), have been covered ad nauseam on other sites and I’m not sure if I can offer much for insight on that one.

    I really just call it as I see it around here, and if you want to take a peek into my brain and say that I’m obsessed with Palin based on the last few posts, well, that’s your prerogative. I guess the bottom line is that I still view McCain’s pick as primarily a)an appeasement of the right wing (its reported that it McCain changed his mind based on the reaction to suggestions that he was going to pick a pro-choice VP) and b) an attempt to attract the female vote, namely those who were predisposed to vote for Hillary. So, I guess in the end, I’m not as obsessed with Palin as I’m intrigued about what the pick says about McCain. That’s not really apolitical or superficial, is it?

  39. More post related comment this time…Chen I like you,the whole WPBA thing so don’t take this the wrong way.
    Her voice is her voice and I don’t think shrill is a good adjective. Now either the pundits and some of the threaders above don’t have dictionaries or a easily accessed thesaurus or they too like to latch onto a word that denotes a negative. Let’s look at the speech a little deeper. Did Palin have presence and poise ? Did she have the audience ? The answer is a triway YES.
    Show me the bridge folks !!! And that’s coming from someone who isn’t keen on Palin.
    As for McCain….just like Obama his pick says one thing. He wants to win.

  40. Alfie-

    As for McCain….just like Obama his pick says one thing. He wants to win.

    I dunno. The Biden pick got a “well, OK” reaction from us Obama supporters, but at the end of the day Biden is a WYSIWYG candidate and I don’t think anyone out there would be in a state of panic should Obama get shot or something in his first few months in office. The pick says that he is responsible about what the role of the VP is and values the counsel that someone like Biden brings to the table. But in the aspect that this quality makes people more comfortable voting for him? Sure. No candidate is going to pick someone that would obviously hurt their chances getting elected in whatever political climate, but like I stated a few posts down, at least there’s a there…um…there.

    The irony, as I imagine we’re about to witness, is that we’re going to see a lot of rheoric thrown Palin’s way because of image and the fact that she “gives a good speech”, followed by the inevitable “sauce for the goose” arguments.

    And to think, you said something to the effect that politics was beginning to turn you off? C’mon Alfie! It’s just getting good!

  41. “It’s just getting good!”

    Now there is a Chen comment I can agree with!

  42. {{{toasts to Red Pill}}}


  43. Chen, everything you say would make more sense if Obama didn’t have big time experience issues himself. I mean, I know we can only regurgitate this stuff so much, but how can you say McCain’s pick is so massively irresponsible and then fight for Obama? Chen, dig deep, man. With what I imagine is a straight face, you’re telling me a male, junior senator is light years ahead of a female, first term governor in terms of experience. Do you not see that there is a good chance you’re disorientated due to blatant sexism? Hell, even though Palin is only running for VP, maybe it is time both sides just agree to admit that “experience” is out the window this election and move on to character and ideology.

  44. The distinction, my dear dead rabbit, is that it was the McCain camp that was running the “experience matters” meme into the ground. So, when McCain turns around and picks Palin, what does that say? They were just kidding? Just more evidence of the pander.

    The reason for this battle over “experience” is rooted in the hypocrisy of the pick, you see.

  45. So Chen like others Left of center and completely in the tank for Obama you can whistle past the cemetery gates of experience in spin mode. If Palin is too inexperienced to be VP how is BO not too inexperienced to be P ? That is the other way to look at the argument.

  46. Alfie-

    I’m just saying that Palin is too inexperienced to fit the campaign’s “experience matters” meme, that’s all. It’d be different if I had been carrying Obama’s water for his “experience” this whole time, right? I haven’t. My support has been rooted in his stance on the issues and judgement.

    Honestly, I’m not sure if there is such a thing as the “right” experience to prepare one for the presidency. Bush, for example, was a governor, and his failings seem rooted in things like valuing loyalty over competence, and what McClellan described as “permanent campaign mode” (although all that is undoubtedly enough for another thread).

  47. I agree that experience is important, and it should be brought up, by both sides. But experience is gained at odd rates, it is gained by doing something. If you can show a resume proving you know what you are doing, then the question of experience, though still important, can step aside.

  48. Honestly, I’m not sure if there is such a thing as the “right” experience to prepare one for the presidency.

    Holy crap…I think I might agree with you a bit on that one….

  49. Well, yea, but on the other hand, some familiarity with the law and the constitution would help I suppose.

  50. Alfie–I was just referring to the fact that McCain is elderly and has a history of cancer. Palin could end up President quite easily, you never know, which is why we elect VPs in the 1st place. Obama seems healthy enough, but you never know there either. I’m admittedly biased in favor of Biden though, while viscerally effected quite negatively by Palin. Her being anywhere near The White House is too much for me by a long shot.




  52. D, you probably aren’t talking to me (the “cool” part tipped me off), but here are my suggestions.

    It takes a while before you can get people to notice your blog. As you post more, you will show up on search engines more. Post comments on blogs where they are talking about an issue you feel strongly about and debate with them. Check out FAQ’s for help needed.


  54. Yea Jilli, we were treated te a barrage of zingers, and not much substance.

    Right General. Obama is a man of substance…and you’re just the man to notice.

    I need not tell you what the substance is but it’s about 70% water and comes out of a dog’s rectum.


  55. I love when phony Dims whine twenty years later about Willie Horton. What they never bother to mention was that the episode was factual. Undoubtedly, if you’re a Dim truth doesn’t count much – just what you can mooch from others.

    This from the sanctimonious party that accused George Bush of dragging James Byrd to death (again) in a political ad.

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